Roy charged with assault


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Roy charged with assault

The son of Hall of Fame goaltender Patrick Roy has been charged with assaulting a rival during a Quebec Major Junior Hockey League playoff game last March. Quebec Remparts goaltender Jonathan Roy, 19, faces one count of assault against Chicoutimi Sagueneens netminder Bobby Nadeau.



I dont like this one bit. This could set quite a precedent, not only in the courts, but in the game of hockey itself. Right now, the only things that have gone to court are typically the most brutal of incidents (Bertuzzi, McSorley, Ciccarelli, etc) but this is a far cry from those. This particular incident occured during a line brawl, the other kid had ample opportunity to defend himself and chose not to, and no one was really hurt. It's not like he was attacked from behind with a stick. I can see why if this happened on the street it might warrant some criminal action, but this isn't the street.


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This is so stupid in my opinion, like Icegoat said the other goalie had handful oppurtunity to defend himself but refuse to do so. I know he should of stop beating on him when he saw he wasn't doing anything, but still, he shouldn't get charged for this.


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In totaly unrelated news, Bobby Nadeau has recently been charged with being a total vagina.

Sure Little Roy is a little punk, but this is hockey people, if you want to avoid physical confrontation, then throw on a bikini and play some beach volleyball, but Bobby, be sure not to forget the douche, the sand needs to be removed from your vagina somehow.


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little Roy is a disgrace to all French people. He wants to get charged with assault. He thinks it makes him look so good and so popular because of his Hip-Hop album release. I thought these Hip-Hoppers were only in the NBA.

Bobby is another dick, he was turtling so his team can get a powerplay, and the rest was history. Fuckin Quebec government.. first they let Arabs carry knifes in school then they take the fighting out of the Quebec League. I don't know, something is wrong here.. maybe we need to go backwards in time for once, in 1980 this would never happen.