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  1. AngelsPeak

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    I knew it was only a matter of time...:lol:

    Inventor unveils $7,000 talking sex robot -

    We are in an age where sex and quite a few toys are accepted and talked about. We even go to "toy" parties and laugh about our purchases among friends.
    But, what about Miss Rox? I wonder how many men would spend the $7000 on a sex doll who not only gives you pleasure, but talks to you as well? And, if you did buy her, would you tell anyone?
    If there were a male version of the same doll, I'd pass. There is just something that screams 'desperate, lonely, loser' about anyone who actually buys something like this as anything other than a joke.

  2. EllyDicious

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    the story is funny...

    but that's what i call the end of humanity.

    the word 'need' is disturbing. i was hoping it was something else like request or anything related to that.

    ..but feeling the need to have sex with a robot.... :cry:

    .. also..saying 'desperate' is too little.
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  3. Mirage

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    Talk about a womanizing concept. The type of guys who would buy one of these are among the most immature, creepy and desperate out there. They have given up all hope of ever becoming a real man and being able to love a real woman and instead convinced themselves that women have only one use.

    Any guy who buys one of these basically has shown that he lacks the ability to show any sort of personal responsibility. Nobody who buys one of these ever deserves to be married. Here's a thought, quit looking at porn, quit viewing woman as sex objects, start going to the gym, get an education, get a real job and then maybe you will have a chance. Buying one of these just tells the world that you have 100% given up on ever becoming somebody that ANYBODY will be attracted to in any way.

    I mean, maybe I'm way off base here but ladies, if you were dating a guy and you found out he had one of these would you continue the relationship? I think it's safe to say most women out there are not looking for a guy with the maturity level of a hamster.
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  4. Bananas

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    haha.... if I ever got a sex-doll the last thing I wanted it to do is talk..... amd whats this it does not even cook or clean..... pfft

    *wheres the male chauvinist tags when you need them*
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  5. EllyDicious

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    lol. if all men were like you appear to be!! :)

    now that i read between those lines, i started to think about SEX TOYS we buy at shops. [personally i don't buy any but i'm saying in general].
    for example, the vibrator is used by females or gay males. isn't it a robot after all?
    on the other hand, what do you guys use to have sexual pleasure ...i don't know ..any fake vagina or something. isn't it an object, a robot .. just like this robot doll?

    seems like, in the end...we do the same things...but in this case is a bit different because not only do we have a fake vagina but also a whole female body.
    isn't it what you all men want when you feel lonely???

    don't want to generalize or personalize. it was just a thought ...because this doll may not be as awkward as it sounds.
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  6. Raos

    Raos Registered Member

    Let me first start by saying that I am a happily married man with a good sex life and have no need/want for a product like this. Having said that, I will continue on by saying I have no issues with someone else buying this. I see it no different than someone buying any other sex toy. What floats one persons boat does not float the next persons. To each their own,

    Now, on to this quote...
    So are you saying that if a man has decided he does not ever want to marry or even date that he is not responsible? Would it be more responsible for this person to seek out a woman who will give him sex and take the chance or getting her pregnant, getting a disease, or messing with a woman's mind who might be thinking she was getting into a relationship that was based on more than just sex?.
    Not everyone wants to get married.
    So are you saying that anyone who buys one of these is addicted to porn, has no respect for women, is a couch potato, is stupid, and is unemployed? I would love to see where you got that information. As far as your comment about having a chance, who says they want a chance? And to your comment about treating women as sex objects, do you think it would be any better for these people to instead of buying this toy to go out and find a woman who will give them sex for the sake of sex? Is that any better? I would submit to you that using the toy would be less demeaning to women as there are no real women involved. So he treats the toy as a sex object (it is one after all isn't it?), at least he is not treating a real woman like that.
    So people who use sex toys can't be attractive to others? Sorry, but I don't buy it. And even if that were true, isn't it that persons prerogative to not want to be attractive to anyone? Why should it matter to you?
  7. Mirage

    Mirage Administrator Staff Member V.I.P.

    I think you're using the term "men" too loosely. Just because somebody is a male and over 21 doesn't make them a man. ;)

    Not necessarily. But if his reasons for not marrying or dating are because of some toy then he would certainly fall under the category of loser.

    No, people like this should definitely not be in relationships of any sort.

    I didn't say they did, but as I already said, if his reasons for not getting married are due to some toy then he's still a loser.

    Yes, with the possible exception of the unemployed aspect. In order to have a spare $7,000, a job at Taco Bell or McDonald's would probably not be too out of the ordinary. Chances are that if somebody is unmotivated to the point of buying one of these, they haven't had great success in the job market. There are always exceptions and I could be wrong. My other points still stand though.

    I didn't say they should go do that either. There is a reason the toy looks like a woman. Because these people are womanizers. If they weren't then they wouldn't be buying this in the first place. Here's an idea. They should get some professional help.

    It doesn't matter to me personally. But I'm still allowed to call people losers if I think they are just that.
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  8. icegoat63

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    I agree with you whole-heartidly. I mean really the purchase of something like this is just a message to the world saying "I dont fit into society".

    And I also agree with Elly in the sense that "need" only scares me. That it is in fact an "end to humanity" when People feel there is no other way to establish a relationship other than creating it on your own terms with a false object.
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  9. Merc

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    I love how everyone here is saying that someone who owns one of these is a loser with no life or right to be happy when I'm sure no one would say the same thing about a woman with a dildo. That's all this thing is, one big expensive sex toy. Is it the complexity that is making people think this is something only for losers? I could argue the same thing about dildos or about guys who jerk off (which is 99% of us). I think you guys are being awfully closed minded about this. Just saying.
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  10. Raos

    Raos Registered Member

    And who said that a man who buys one of these is not getting married because he can get this toy? Seems to me like you are making a lot of blanket assumptions about people you have never met and know nothing about.

    People like what? I had just asked if it would be better for someone who does not want a relationship to go out and find someone just for sex or to use a toy. You responded that people like this should not be in any sort of relationship. What people are you talking about? The ones who have already said they do not want to be in a relationship???

    You said someone who buys this toy does not deserve to get married. What does deserving to get married have to do with anything?

    Would you feel the same about a woman with a dildo? Does a woman who uses a dildo deserve to get married? If so then why the hypocrisy? If not, then why not?

    And where did you gleam this information? Have you met a single person who has ever used or bought one of these? Lets use the woman/dildo thing again. Is a woman who uses a dildo a porn addict? A couch potato? Has no respect for men? If not then why the hypocrisy?

    How in the world did you make that jump? So because a man (who is attracted to females) want to masturbate with something that looks like what he is attracted to that makes him a womanizer? They are only buying this toy because they are womanizers? That is just ridiculous. Do you expect a sex toy for a heterosexual man to be in the form of a watermelon? Of course it is going to resemble a woman. Again, lets use the woman/dildo thing. Why is it OK for a woman to masturbate with a male representation, but not for a man to do it with a woman representation?

    By all means you are entitled to your opinions. That does not mean you are right.

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