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Routine of going to bed


aka ginger warlock
I did a similar thread some time ago of people having certain sleep routines but I wanted to expand on that into couples. I know that some couples go to bed at the same time, others don't care that much and for someone its just not an issue. Whenever I stay at home with my parents they always go to bed at separate times but ever since my mum was diagnosed with MS she is often very tired in general so I think that is the reason. Again, this seems to work for them but how does it work for you?

Do you insist that you and your partner go to bed at the same time? Do you often talk about your day or do you read? Do you make love when you go to bed quite often or is it something you will discuss? Do you have specific sides of the bed you sleep on or is it a case of "I am here, can't you just sleep there?" arrangement?


Problematic Shitlord

Kidding aside, if we lived together, I'm sure we'd go to bed at the same time quite often and pretty much anything else happening I'm sure would depend on a few things. Kim has her preferred side of the bed and I don't so I can't say that bothers me. It's usually fun to just kid around and talk about the day and that's about it. Oh I usually like to bring a glass of something to the bedside in case it gets dry and I wake up feeling like I just ate a pound of fiberglass.


Free Spirit
Staff member
My husband and I go to bed at the same time. We don't really talk that much, I don't think anyway, we usually watch TV until we get tired. I have my side and he has his. I wouldn't want to switch unless I moved all my stuff over.


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I usually go to bed first, not a lot of conversation (None) I sleep on left usually with my back to other half. I do read before going to sleep though, amongst other things on occasion .


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Kim has her preferred side of the bed and I don't so I can't say that bothers me.
Funny you mentioned that. Normally, when faced with sleeping with another person, I'd be on the right side of the bed. Then you ... 'claimed' that side. :p And now I'm used to being on the left.


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Depends on how tired I am and how much of a crappy day I've had ..

We usually go to bed around the same time, but we will either sit on our laptops, or watch TV ... I will usually fall asleep first though I am not one to stay up late, and if I have to stay up, caffiene is involved .. Having said that I do love my sleep .. who doesn't ?? .. :p

We do have our own sides of the bed ... it's quite funny and I only just realised it the other week, when I moved in with the BF , that we have always had the same side of the bed, even when he used to sleep over at my house ... ...


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Most of the time my significant other will get angry if I don't go to bed at the same time that she/they does/do. (Considering multiple relationships.)

I have hell sleeping so sometimes if I can't sleep I will get back up and watch TV or something. I always catch hell, though, when they wake up and I'm not there.


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My husband & I go to bed at the same time 99% of the time. After we turn off the lights, we usually continue talking about our day or whatever is on our mind for probably 30 minutes on average, regardless if we do other activities in bed that night or not. :p We both have "our side" of the bed & never switch that up.


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My bf and I have our sides of the bed with sleep on, we didn't even discuss and say Right this can be your side and this is mine, haha we just automatically sleep on that side. Sometimes we talk or just lay there spooning and holding hands til we fall asleep. Not going into the 'other thing' that's too personal. teehee.