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Round 5 Flying vs Amtrak


Registered Member
This one you can only choose one..there's no equal in this.

Going on vacation with in the United States which form of transportation would you chosse to use AmTrack or Flying? Don't forget to leave a reason why you chose your answer.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Since I can only chose one and a car isn't a option I guess I'll have to go with Amtrak. They do have a bar car and lots of food. Plus you get to see the country.

I haven't rode one in a long time might change my mind after riding one now.


Registered Member
If I had unlimited time, train - but since I don't, I usually can't afford the travel time, I would fly. I'm going to New Orleans in April - average train trip is 37 hours +

I like the train and flying is generally horrible these days. Even first class (although that is much better than coach) first class is not my normal mode of air travel.