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Xbox 360 Round 2 to hit stores before Christmas?


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I called over to a few places and they seem sure they will be getting more 360's in before Christmas. Has anyone else heard this? With all the problems being reported with them I'd have to at least wonder if Microsoft is going to cut back on production and make sure their isn't a problem that will end up costing them more money in the long run, filling warranties and such.


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I don't doubt this. My store will have a pretty big stock of them for Christmas time, and for the grand opening in early December.


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Major Nelson who is on the Xbox 360 Dev. team has said there will be weekly shipments regardless of what your local store has says.


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I have a question about those stores recieving more 360s. Are they going to release at midnight(walmart) as well? And have people waiting in line all over again?


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i'm assuming it's first come first served.

the whole midnight thing was just for the release, now it's everyman for his own.


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Yeah of course ive heard of it.
The new shipment to come next week, i think on Monday the 5(?)
Yeah they will ship more out, but still it will be hard to get one...


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i called 2 wal-mart stores and one said that they should get some in before Christmas and the other wal-mart said keep on checking to see if more was coming cuz they were expecting some.