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Rotten Tomatoes


Registered Member
I found out a while back about www.rottentomatoes.com.
It focuses on comprehensive movie reviews, and more recently, game reviews as well! It's worth checking out. The game section is small right now, but it's new, and hopefully they'll have more coverage in that as time allows them to add to the database. In some ways the reviews and movie info here is better than IMDB, although IMDB is second-best and still quite good.


Registered Member
Lotsa pop-ups, but hey, what online place that does extremally well doesn't have 'em?? This grand place better not, I'll be so mad....Anyways, it's good stuff, I just like laughing at the Critics though, their job is so incredibally easy. Just tell people your opinions, I would love that job! Gettin' paid to speak my mind, how grand that would be indeed. :D


Registered Member
Amen to that! What a great job indeed. :cool:

I have been using the site quite a bit recently. I am impressed by how comprehensive the game coverage is getting, at least for next-gen consoles.
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