Rotoworld rates the top 25 moves of the offseason

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Ryuk, Jan 28, 2009.

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    Always hate that they do this when the offseason isn't over and there are still a few potential big signings that will happen, still I thought it was worth noting:

    25 - Red Soxs sign Brad Penny
    24 - Tigers acquire Edwin Jackson from Rays for Matt Joyce
    23 - Cardinals acquire Khalil Greene from Padres for Mark Worrell and a player to be named later
    22 - Royals acquire Coco Crisp from Red Sox for Ramon Ramirez
    21 - Athletics sign Jason Giambi
    20 - Giants sign Randy Johnson
    19 - Phillies sign Jamie Moyer
    18 - Giants sign Edgar Renteria
    17 - Indians aquire Mark DeRosa from Cubs for three prospects
    16 - Dodgers sign Casey Blake
    15 - Reds aquire Ramon Hernandez from the Orioles for Ryan Freel and two prospects
    14 - Braves acquire Javier Vazquez and Boone Logan from the White Sox for Brent Lillibridge and three prospects
    13 - Yankees acquire Nick Swisher and a prospect from White Sox for Wilson Betemit and two prospects
    12 - Rays sign Pat Burrell
    11 - Phillies sign Raul Ibanez
    10 - Cubs sign Milton Bradley
    9 - Indians sign Kerry Wood
    8 - Angels sign Brian Fuentes
    7 - Dodgers sign Rafael Furcal
    6 - Mets acquire JJ. Putz in a three way deel with Mariners and Indians
    5 - Mets sign Francisco Rodriguez
    4 - Yankees sign A.J. Burnett
    3 - Athletics acquire Matt Holliday from Rockies for Carlos Gonzalez, Huston Street and Greg Smith
    2 - Yankees sign Mark Teixeira
    1 - Yankees sign CC Sabathia

    Methinks I would of moved four lower and put the current number five in that spot. Also think that while Ibanez is a good addition to the Phils, I'd still rate the Rays picking up Burrell higher. Don't think I would of put 20 or 25 on my list, but then again in the case of 25 wherever Mantard winds up it'll knock it off the list.

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