Roseanne reboot controversy


Son of Liberty
Holy hell the mental gymnastics in this thread are Olympic level. I'm not sure who gets the gold but it's a close race.

This reeks of false equivalence.

So could I say someone's wife looks like a dog and then after I get my ass beat, clear my name by clarifying that I love dogs? That's weaker than Jimmy Kimmel's emotional range.

Also, evolution does not suggest we evolved from apes or monkeys, but that we shared a common ancestor with African apes. Even if that's what they believed, who the hell is worshiping apes? Why would that suddenly mean that calling a person an ape was immediately okay?


Yes, of course! Because someone recognized a term with a documented history of racist undertones, they must too be racists! Brilliant! This is some first ballot Hall o' Fame shit right here. I'll take logic I pulled out of my ass and then licked clean for $500, Alex.


Let's skip the logic for some rock solid truths. The image of the black man/woman as a monkey is NOT 50 years old. This seems like a very dismissive downplaying of the fact that the stereotypical imagery of blacks as apes goes back beyond 100 years.


I'll close by asking, why is it so triggering to call Rosanne what she has always been? An unbearable, loud, angry windbag. It really doesn't get any more cut and dry. Angry, washed-up sitcom actress famous for being a rancid bitch ... is a rancid bitch and makes obviously racist jab on Twitter in a overly-anxious political climate that eats up any type of identity politics it can find and shits out the leftovers and we're supposed to be shocked or upset for some reason that the people signing her checks said, "fuck this, we're out"?

This is standard angry child "but the other person is bad too" logic. The world ain't fair. None of us get judged equally. The only person to blame for Rosanne getting her show torched is Rosanne.

I personally feel bad for the other actors and actresses who lost a good gig because their titular character is a swamp beast with no self-control.
I can't believe I missed this entire nonsense.

1. Um, no. This is a non sequitur, and it's unfathomable to me how anyone could draw that conclusion. I'm not arguing what YOU or anyone else has individually said, my argument is a collective one. I do not believe we derive from apes. Many people do. Thus, those that do are stupid IF they believe we derive from apes AND get made when someone says a person looks like one.

2. Out of the arguments you made this one makes the least sense, and obviously shows you couldn't follow my argument. It also speaks volumes that Impaired liked it and said "Thanks Merc", given his low IQ and inability to think rationally. My argument is simple. It's irrelevant whether OTHER PEOPLE have used the words apes as a racial term towards blacks to conclude Barr's comment was racist when she said it. I can't be held responsible for the words and thoughts made by other people. It's stupid to conclude as such.

3. 50 years, 100 years, 300 years, who gives a fuck? That wasn't the point. The point is while OTHER PEOPLE have used the comparison to apes as a racial slur, that doesn't mean SHE meant it as a racial slur. Bill Maher has said Trump looks like an orangutan, YOU yourself have called him something along the lines of "orange skinned" whatever. Are those racial slurs? You can't say they are not because OTHER PEOPLE didn't use those terms towards white people in the past.

These points REALLY AREN'T that hard, and I'm at a loss as to why they are so hard to grasp here. Except for Impaired, of course.