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Roseanne reboot controversy


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Apparently the reboot of Roseanne is creating quite a stir among some communities. It seems that the show will include a character (Darlene & David's son) that is gender creative. Some groups are calling for a boycott of the show and the network because of this.

Will you be watching or boycotting? I for one am looking forward to the reboot and the interesting character.

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Much ado about nothing. I don't know if I will watch it but it will have nothing to do with that. Did like the old show.


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I hope you're not implying that you find that wrong?!
Yes. It's obvious if you are a boy or girl. There's nothing to figure out. I know a family that is giving their 16 year old daughter testosterone shots because she thinks she's a boy. I had no idea doctors would allow this but I guess some do. That is heartbreaking to me. She is being permanently changed as a result of her confusion about her screwed up family life.

I don't think it's wrong in a condemning way. I think I it's wrong in a deeply tragic sense. For a kid to be confused about things and then for an adult to add to that confusion rather than help is just sad.


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Just found out the #boycottRoseanne has more to do with her support of Trump! #BoycottRoseanne hashtag on Twitter
Do any of those tweets care about the gender-confused character? No-Its a bunch of pissed off liberals! Hilarious.


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As someone who has a dear friend who has a son who is transgender, I take offense to the idea that transgendered kids come from screwed up homes/families. That is just not true.
I realize you think it's "tragic", but things happen in our world that defy explanation all the time. Why is it then impossible that a human might have a true disconnect between what their physical body is and what their mind tells them they are? And if we have the means to "fix" it, why is that wrong? And how are you so sure that biology can't screw up? And again, if we have the means to "fix" it, why is it wrong?


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Well you're right great families can have all sorts of kids. It's my opinion that your friend and my friend have children that have mental illness and need help. If a skinny person looks in the mirror and feels like a fat person we do them no good by giving them diet pills. Giving a girl testosterone is like giving an anorexic diet pills, in my opinion.
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Has anybody seen this? I saw a few minutes last night and was surprised it was actually good. Don't like Roseanne or John Goodman but thought everyone did a great job. Was entertaining.