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Rose Bowl, Go Longhorns!


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41-38 Texas.

Did anybody watch the Rose Bowl last night? I have to say that it honestly was one of the most exciting football games I've seen in a long time. Both teams wanted it so bad, and in the end the USC dynasty was stopped. There was so much celebration at the end.

There were so many awesome plays. Vince Young definitely has an NFL career ahead of him, with a lot of money. He was just dominating the field. USC didn't even know what to say about him after the game except that they didn't know what to do about him, lol!

Reggie Bush was the best on USC last night. He had some intense runs and that flip touchdown was definitely one I'm glad I saw live. If you didn't watch the game, he was diving for a touchdown and got pushed a little and ended up taking his momentum into a full 360 degree flip, landing on his feet in the end-zone. That's something you don't see every day.

Who else watched it? What did you think of these players, and the game as a whole?


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i was watching it at work on and off.

me and this other guy [ who's really into college football ] finished what we had to do early and sat in the breakroom and watched the last 15 or so game minutes [ which ended up being like 45 min long, and "breaks" aren't suppose to be that long ].

i was rooting for Texas cause they were the underdog, and i thought around the 11 minute mark that the USC team had sealed the deal. but they got stupid and should have ran the clock, but they didn't and let they let the quarterback sneak in twice for 2 touchdowns.

then at the end the quarterback of USC held the ball instead of throwing it to stop the clock and going for a field goal which would have tied the game and forcing it to go into OT.

and another guy i work with lost $100, lol.


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Of course I watched it. College football is my religion. Definitely one of the best games I've ever seen, right up there with the double overtime '03 Fiesta Bowl between Ohio State and Miami. The first half was pretty sloppy, but then the offenses took over in the second half and scored almost at will. I was so glad USC lost. I was yelling so loud when Texas stuffed them on 4th down and then scored the winning touchdown on the next drive. I was so tired of USC winning all the time, their cockiness, and all their bandwagon fans. Pete Carroll was classy in defeat, but Matt Leinart is such a douche. They interviewed him after the game and he said "I still think we're the better team, but whatever." What a sore loser.

'SC had so many opportunities early to blow the game wide open. There was Reggie Bush's fumbled lateral deep in Texas territory. The Matt Leinart interception on the goal line. And the failed 4th down conversion, which I think they should have kicked the field goal to go up 10-0. Texas took advantage and got the lead going into halftime.

The Trojans were unstoppable in the second half with Lendale White running, and Leinart throwing to Jarrett and the tight ends and fullbacks. I really thought the game was over when they went up by 12 in the 4th quarter, but then Vince Young took over. The key play of the game was the 4th down with about 2 minutes left. I think they should have punted and made Texas drive the length of the field, but you can't blame them for going for it. Texas hadn't been able to stop Lendale White at all, and a first down would have sealed the game for the Trojans. I'm surprised Bush wasn't on the field, at least as a decoy to draw attention away from run up the middle.

What more can you say about Vince Young? He was the best player in the game by far, and it's a shame the Heisman voting isn't done after all the bowl games. Reggie Bush is a freak athlete and definitely deserved to win the Heisman, but Texas did a really good job of keeping him in check. He had that one sick touchdown run, but was quiet for the most part. I was really impressed with Lendale White. That guy is a beast, impossible to tackle one on one. Dwayne Jarrett is a great receiver, and only a sophomore.

Edit: Also, how big is the Ohio State at Texas game going to be early next season? If Vince Young decides to stay at Texas, this could be a #1 vs #2 game. Vince Young vs Troy Smith. I can't wait. Hopefully Ohio State can beat them this time.


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very nice write up buckeye, however I was disgusted to see Texas win. I hate them. This football season sucked balls for me, Michigan was 13yards shy of having one of the greatest NCAA plays ever and they werent even in a bcs game, Cowboys did not make the play offs, and freakin Whiney Orange win it all. The only way it can get worse is if the Patriots win the superbowl. Pitiful bowl season...however, the PSU game was alot of fun :)


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i watch it too but that was long time a go.USC lost that suck.