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Room Temperature


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What do you normally set your thermostat at, at your home? Do you have a central setting where you can control the temp, and keep it at a constant temp? I am a hot blooded person, I get hot so easy that I like to keep my home cooler, but when someone comes over in the winter, they say "oh man, it's too chilly in here". (well go back home then) :lol: But I try to keep my thermostat set at about 68 to 70 degrees, depending, and the granddaughter is cold natured, so I have to keep her warm. And is your heat still kicking on? I don't know how fast it warms up in all areas, but here, it has begun to hit the high 60s during the day, so my heat hasn't hardly been used much as of lately. And I have a tendency to turn it down of the night, since we are under covers anyway. But during the summer hot months, I keep the air set at about 70 or so, as I don't like the heat every well, so then during those summer months, people come over and say "man it's freezing in here." I can't win either way.


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I think ours is set at about 22 degrees at the moment. I like the heat, so every now and then I turn it up a couple notches, but then everyone else turns in back down.


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I set it at 4000 degrees celsius.

It is the only temperature that I can deal with. A degree out either way and I will blow up!!! And considering the carpet is a cream colour, it would not be a good thing.

Actually, I don't know. I don't set it.


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19° C

That is, if I can really set it. Our heater doesn't have the temp thing so we just adjust manually and check the room thermometer. Somehow it fluctuates a lot - maybe there's a prob with our windows. Anyway that was the temp recommended when I had the baby.

ETA: I just converted and it's 66 F
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I usually set it at 27° C. I like to keep my room warm because I've very sensitive to coldness and I make sure to keep my heater on.


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Same as Dabs. About 68-70 degrees.


What's a thermostat? I honestly don't know what that is. We have air con and fans for when it's hot, and central heating for when it's cold. I suppose we just turn them on until we are no longer cold/hot.


Sally Twit
Unfortunately I don't have central heating. We weren't made aware before we moved in that the flat only has electric heaters and no radiators.
Luckily they do heat the room up pretty fast but the rest of the house stays freezing cold so it's horrible when you walk out of the heated room.


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Mine is usually around 70 as well. During the ridiculous cold weather time frame it was around 72 or so.

Typically like to keep it around 68, 69 or 70 though.


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We have the heating on for just several hours a day, and I'm not sure what temperature it's set at. I do always know the temp in my room though, because my clock displays it.

I notice it's pretty much always around 18-20C (64.5-68F) in my room. The coldest it's ever been that I saw was 13C (55F) when our radiators weren't working at the start of winter, and that was just ridiculously cold for a room to be, lol. Freezing night.