what do u think of about new rookies?u know 2006 draft was one of the worst draft of nba history so what u think will they able to be star player like KOBE AI...or will they waste?my opinion i am not sure but morrison can be a star player:S n i dont know anything about the first pick,Bargani does he deserve the first place?what dou think?


Sultan of Swat
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If you think about it the draft wasn't that bad. Ãou don't have that kind of player who's going to save your franchise but you have some future all stars who got drafted this year, Andrea Bargani is a Brian Colangelo type of player, he's been scouting him for a couple years now. If he picked him first overall then he should because Brian Colangelo knows what he's doing.


agreed vince, bryan is one of the best gm is the league and he wont waste a 1st pick. hes been scouting bargnani for a while like what vince said and he knows bargnani has potential.

also this years draft wasnt that bad. there were alot of front court layers in this draft that can soon be all stars.