ROOKIE RANKINGS: Projecting the class of 2007-08...


Aw, Here It Goes!
1. Kevin Durant
2. Greg Oden
3. Mike Conley Jr.
4. Al Horford
5. Corey Brewer
6. Acie Law
7.Jeff Green
9. Julian Wright
9. Brandan Wright
10. Nick Young

I doubt Joakim Noah will be effective sharing time with Ben Wallace, Luol Deng, Andres Nocioni and Tyrus Thomas. As for Jason Smith it would be hard for any rookie to be successful in Philly right now.


#1 Spammer of FC
I agree with Fresh. Right now almost any rookie can go to Philly and struggle because of the team there however I think that if Smith can go into camp with a high attitude and play at the top of his game each night he could be one of the guys to help turn Philly back around.