Rookie Center Patrick O’Bryant Suffers Fractured Right Foot


Aw, Here It Goes!
Golden State Warriors’ rookie center Patrick O’Bryant has suffered a fractured right foot (sesmoid bone), it was announced today by Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations Chris Mullin. The injury, which was diagnosed yesterday (Wednesday, September 6) by Dr. John Belzer and Dr. Keith Donatto at the California Pacific Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center in San Francisco, will not require surgery to heal and is expected to keep O’Bryant sidelined for a minimum of four to six weeks.
He seemed like a decent big man to help with the somewhat lacking frontcourt of the warriors. Anyway it's not a good way to start your professional basketball career.


I think that O'Bryant is gonna be a pretty decent big man but not great. He just isn't that athletic. He should have been dominating the crappy conference he was in but he didn't. I just don't think he'll be all that good, but you're right it's not a great way to start off you're NBA career.


Sultan of Swat
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Patrick O'Bryant will be a good role player in this league. You guys are right though. Imagine how bad he feels? He starts is Basketball career with a foot injury that he hopes it won't be a re-occuring injury. Get healthy and fast Patrick.