Ronald Petrovicky KO's Kris Newbury


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Don't know if you guys saw this, it was a scary moment. During a fight between Pittsburgh's Petrovicky and the Leaf's Newbury, Petrovicky started unloading and knocked Newbury cold on the ice. He hit his head and was out for a long time.


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It's always bad to see someone get knocked out like that, especially if his hits the ice like that, he got x-rays and they say theres not skull or spinal damage which is extremly good news, but he's suppose to be out 4-5 weeks. What a fight though.


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Well it was a good fight I have to say but im a Leafs fan so I hate the hole thing lol joking. Its bad to see a player go down with an injury like that but its the price you have to pay sometimes for playing this great game.


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That was heck of a fight they had there. I was bored so I just tuned in the game, and saw the replies. But I got to admit, it was nasty watching him crashing on the ice.


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that was some hit.....its sad that he got knocked out and will be out for a few weeks but thus is the price you pay to play hockey.


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He's gonna be out 4-5 weeks . It is not that much of a blow to the Leafs as he is not a real regular on the team yet anyways. I think he will have second thoughts before getting into a fight with Petrovicky again;)