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PC Games Rome Total War


New Member
i need some help in this game,ive had it for a few months now so i know how to play,but there are a few things im concerned about,one is that when i first got the game all my infantry no matter what faction was always a unit of 40 now its 20 and the same with calvary it used to be 22 now its 13,what happened to my units?another is that all the codes and cheats i get offline never have worked once ive downloaded all the patches you could use for rome total war to be safe and still nothing works any helpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp


Secret Agent
Staff member
Are you sure you didn't change any settings? In some games you can change your weapons or unit/soldier armor strength, speed, accuracy, etc, and it changes how many you get based on your options.

I haven't played this game specifically though so I can't know for sure. My advice is to check out any options that you may have changed.


New Member
lol thanks, funny enough though my comp crashed so i had to rebuild it and reinstall rome total war and patches v1.3 and v1.5 and its great cause somehow my units are atleast 160 soldiers a piece... a few units and ive got about 600 men lol