Romance Novels, what gives?


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I was at the Good Will the other day checking out what books they had in. Well roughly 1/3rd of the books there are paperback romance novels.

I realize guys could probably care less about these types of books but to the females here, who reads these and why do you like them?

I'm curious because it seems like they are everywhere. Obviously they have a huge following. I just don't get the appeal.

I mean it's one thing to like a book genre but it seems like Romance Novels take that a step further. Some people seem to get addicted to reading these nonstop.
It always got me just how huge their impact is in used book stores, but I usually don't see them new unless I'm trying.

My mom reads a lot of them


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I have never really read romance novels, the closet I have got is reading the Twilight series. I much prefer true crime and Historical fiction.


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I read them when I was really young and didn't know anything about romance. I had a collection of teen novels like Sweet Valley High/University and Sweet Dreams series. I also read Danielle Steele's works because my mom and aunts read them and we have a bunch at home.

Once I had my own view and experience of romance, I lost interest in the novels. That's when you decide "what am I going to do with these books?"....then you find a second hand store and sell them. And that's one reason, Hybrix, why there are a bunch of these in the 2nd hand stores. It's not something you really keep at home. :lol:

When I buy novels now, it's more out of curiosity (big title) or it has to be suspense/mystery one. And I like re-reading them even after a couple of years.
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i donnot read romantic novels
but i read a lot of swordsmen novels when young ,.they have love in it too ,.


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I don't get why they are a big following either. I actually wonder if it isn't lonely old spinsters or maids that read those most of the time though?


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They're no better or worse a genre than mysteries, science fiction or fantasy novels. Especially fantasy novels, most of which nowadays seem to be warmed up Tolkien pastiches.
personally i dont like or read romance genre books, never have

but i know a lot of girls/women who do :lol: my mum, nan and best friend, to name a few...

i prefer the old classics, or fantasies


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I don't get why they are a big following either. I actually wonder if it isn't lonely old spinsters or maids that read those most of the time though?

It can be the same people who enjoy comedy/romance movies. Except they prefer to read it than watch. I don't think it translates to them having a personal issue. Just general taste, maybe.


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I read them. Not the super sappy, historical ones. But mainly romantic suspense.

It's like candy for the brain, like watching a funny cartoon. It's just something easy to read with lots of sex. :) I read them when I just want to get lost in a story and not have to think. Kind of like watching a "big explosions action film".

Does that make sense?