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Music Rolling Stones? 106 pounds please


aka ginger warlock
The most I have ever paid to see a gig was to see PIL (Public Image Limited), the gig set me back the princely sum of forty pounds. I considered this to be a lot to pay for one gig but the way I figured it I had never gotten to see The Sex Pistols and seeing PIL was the next best thing. Last year I spend two hundred pounds to go to Download, I left early because I was finding it difficult to cope but two hundred for a three day event when there were up to thirty bands each day is very reasonable.

The reason I bring this up is the cheapest ticket to see The Rolling Stones in London is one hundred and six pounds, want to get a little closer? That will be four hundred and six pounds, WOAH.

Now some artists are are saying they are legends, they can charge what they want, others are saying that it is a rip off, I tend to fall into the second camp. I have never been into The Rolling Stones, the only link I have to them is "like a rolling stone" by Bob Dylan but even if I did I would never pay this sort of money, I just think it is a ridiculous price to charge but the thing is I am sure people will pay it.

And that's fine, if people are willing to pay it I guess you can't blame TRS's for that but for me music has always been a link to allow people who are not rich to experience something amazing and when people start charging this money that seems to be lost.


Free Spirit
Staff member
That is way too much for the Rolling Stones or any band. I don't know of any that are worth that much. Most often their music don't even sound the same on stage.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
The most I've paid for a concert was around 85 American dollars but that was to see Metallica, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Deftones and Mudvayne. So that's 5 pretty huge bands so I didn't have a problem spending it.

If it was just Metallica and Linkin Park I'd have a tough time justifying paying that much.


Registered Member
Yeah i heard the rolling stones one time and i was just all like can we go home now. srs. I wouldnt pay anything to hear that band but yeah i would if it was like Linkin Park and World Alive and bands like that. more than only one band too.


Do What Thou Wilt
The stones have been touring almost non stop for 40 years, they have no right to charge that much for a show. I'd gladly pay that or more for a band that had a reunion tour. But its no longer a special experience to see the Stones. I paid 25 dollars to go to the Led Zeppelin Experience last year, and the seats were fucking awesome. Any big name thinks they can charge whatever they want.