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roleplay partner wanted


Lion Rampant
Calling all curs! My suicide prevention coursework requires me to act out an intervention session with a friend or colleague posing as a person in crisis. Details from the QPR Institute curriculum:
Suicide Prevention - Online Suicide Intervention Specialist

Module 6

Topic 15: Practice session

Practice is an important step in your mastering this method. This exercise allows you to try different ways of asking questions in an environment that is safe, while still allowing you the opportunity to find an approach that best suits your conversational and interactive style. The more practice you experience, the more natural the act of asking the suicide question will be.

* The goal of this exercise is to simply focus on asking about suicide in a sensitive, yet direct manner and then proceed through the QPR Suicide Triage Questions.
* This practice session can be between you a colleague, friend, or family member and can be done via email or IM.
* Depending on your job and the age group with whom you work, we invite you to craft a role-play that best fits the type of people you may be assisting; veterans, college students, teenagers, police officers or others.
* A role-play is simply a typed short script to set up the back story and presenting problem of, say, a person texting a crisis center.

You are free to create any role-play you feel might be helpful. We always end our role-play with the suicidal person giving a suicide warning sign as a prompt to ask the S question. Here is an example:

You are a 17-year-old high school student. You were very active in school sports before your grades begin to drop and you started skipping school. You really miss school but you are thinking maybe you should learn a trade, drop out, and start working. You are having problems at home with your alcoholic father, who is always fighting with your mother. You wonder if he hasn’t hit her (parents in conflict).

Your boyfriend (girlfriend) recently moved to another state, and he/she wants to see other people. You’ve felt very depressed since he/she left and you are feeling under extreme pressure to get your life back together. To top it off you just found out that you flunked English and that if you are going to graduate at all, you will have to retake the module. You feel that all of your dreams are slipping away. You’ve been thinking a lot about suicide as a way out the mess you are in and called the crisis line looking for advice.

After you have explained your situation, you say, “I’ve lost everything, I don’t think I can handle this anymore. I just want to go away forever.”

Directions for role-play:

STEP 1. Find a partner or colleague with which you can role-play this portion of the module in a chat room or email, text-only environment.

STEP 2. Send the text file of the role-play to your partner. His or her job is to act out the part of the distressed person. Have him or her read the role-play script and imagine he or she is the suicidal person.

STEP 3. Once they understand the role they are to play, ask your partner pretend that this is an actual test-only interview and begin. Your job is to employ your basic helping skills, ask the questions in the protocol, and learn as much as you can about the nature of the crisis and what kinds and how many potential risk and protective factors are present.

STEP 4. You may begin the interview with an imaginary first text message from your role-play partner.

STEP 5. Allow yourself 20 to 25 minutes for the role-play. Experience shows that if participants are only allowed 15 minutes to conduct the interview and complete the risk assessment, they will rarely complete a thorough interview and set up a solid safety/referral plan.

Fill out as much of the document as possible during this exercise. Do not worry about filling out the form completely until you are finished with the interview, but do refer to it as a guide for your questions. With very little practice you will find your own level of comfort with the questions and process.

STEP 6. Debrief the role-play with your partner via text messaging, or with a supervisor. In debriefing the first role-play, it is useful to share your experiences with others. In the last module of this training program you will have a chance to debrief your experiences with an instructor.

Some of the items we recommend discussing at the conclusion of this exercise are as follows:

-For the Role-Play person: “What did you become aware of during the module of this exercise?” Many times participants will find they become very involved in the role and develop a sense of empathy for what a suicidal person may be dealing with.

-For the Interviewer: After allowing the suicidal person to discuss his or her experience(s), the interviewer should discuss what he or she felt during the module of the role-play. Discuss what it felt like to ask the suicide question. Some participants find that they felt awkward and/or had a difficult time asking the suicide question. These are very positive insights that can be gained from this experience.

-Process with your partner the question “What did that feel like for you?” (This should involve a discussion and response by both of you.) If you or your partner did not ask the suicide question, it is important to learn why not. In this case, it is recommended that you discuss: “What were some of the circumstances that kept you from asking the question?”

Many times our students will say that they were still developing a relationship with the person and they felt it was too soon to ask such a personal question. We acknowledge this sensitivity, but must underscore the importance of eventually asking the question. Otherwise, it may never get asked.

STEP 7. (Optional): You may reverse roles with a second role-play if your partner is a fellow student.

Possible questions to reflect on in your experience in role-play:

* Did I find it uncomfortable to ask the suicide question?
* What do I think was the basis for my discomfort?
* What are some ways that I feel I can learn from this experience?
* Who do I think felt more uncomfortable in terms of the suicide question, the interviewer or the caller? Why?

Again, the goal of the role-play exercise is to develop practical skills and to empower you with training that will enable you to ask what may be life-saving questions with comfort, confidence, and skill.

If anyone makes it through all that, understands it and feels up to the task, give me a holler. I'd really appreciate the help.


I'm serious
Yeah, um, I didn't read the spoiler. But if you want me to pretend like I am suicidal so you can practice on me, I am here for you! :thumbsup:


Registered Member
I'm willing to help.

But I'm curious - why did you put this in ST?


Lion Rampant
Yeah, um, I didn't read the spoiler. But if you want me to pretend like I am suicidal so you can practice on me, I am here for you! :thumbsup:
Bought it sight unseen, didja? That's a true friend, right there. I'll hit you up when I'm ready and we can do it over Skype or whatnot. Thank youuu!

I'll have my D20 ready.
Baha! I wish this was a game, believe me.

I'm willing to help.
Thanks, Wade. I remember how you jumped in to help that one kid in distress (was it 'Zachary'?) and I know that you take this stuff seriously. That's something I've always admired you for, if you weren't aware.

But I'm curious - why did you put this in ST?
Probably because MDD interferes with monoamine activity in the PFC and related structures, producing grey matter atrophy and constricting the ability to process information into meaningful decisions.


I mean... I so stoopie.


Well-Known Member
Ah, apparently I see this too late. If Idi, Unity and Wade fail, then i'll help :)


I'm serious
Ah, apparently I see this too late. If Idi, Unity and Wade fail, then i'll help :)
When failing equates death, are you sure you want to be next in line? Just a thought! :)

And yes TuckTuck, I think I can pull this off. Do your part and we can hook up on Skype (normal place, normal time?)


I'm serious
GAHHH, IDI!! You're cursably funny, aren't you? Go away with that wicked gag already, or I shall send Apartment Crab Ghost to haunt your shoes!

Well, if your goal was to either drive me to drink or to insanity, I dare say job well done. Now, you will need to fix this then! Skype now!!!! :nod: