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Role model for parenting?


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Do you have any role models for parenting?

I guess I pick my mom since she's the one with me most of my childhood. I picked her good side: her strength, the way she taught me how education is important, her open mindedness when it comes to fads and new generation. She's not perfect but even with her imperfections, it's like being a model for me because I know what NOT to do! :lol:


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No, I don't think I had any in particular person that I emulated. My dad was married to a lady with two daughters. I used to really like how she would with her girls...like she really respected her girls, and were interested in what they had to say. Probably another big influence was being raised around Mormons in Utah. They are very family oriented and I always felt cozy and safe with them. I like giving my kids that stability.


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I've had many role people in my life that I feel were good parents. I wouldn't say that anyone really stood out as super amazing parents, but many good parents who I learned a thing or two from. I learned the most from my parents just because I was around them the most - often good things, sometimes something I felt I could improve on (although I'll admit that some things I didn't like, I now realize I was wrong).