ROH Death Before Dishonor 4 Results



Cage of Death Match:

There are two ladders, two tables wrapped in barbed wire, and several trash cans in the ring. JJ Dillon won the coin toss so ROH has the advantage as the entrances will be done War Games Style.

The first men in are Samoa Joe (ROH) and Claudio Castagnoli (CZW). Joe hit a flying forearm out of the ring on Claudio, then kicked a trash can into his face. BJ Whitmer (ROH) was third man in. ROH beat down Claudio.

Chris Hero (CZW) was out next. CZW took control. Bryan Danielson was the fifth in and cleaned house. He dropkicked Hero while Hero was on the top rope. He called for Joe to hit a muscle buster on Hero, but then clipped Joe's knee and attacked him (they have a ROH title match next month). Danielson walked out of the match while Joe was carried out.

Nate Webb was next out for CZW and all three destroyed Whitmer for several minutes. Adam Pearce hit the ring for ROH and took the fight to CZW but they were overcome. Necro Butcher joined the fight for CZW. They continued the assault on Pearce and Whitmer.

Ace Steele hit the ring for ROH and laid out CZW with a cowbell. CZW continued to beat down ROH. Hero began to antagonize the crowd on the mic and fans began throwing a lot of bottles and garbage in the ring. Hero said he had someone who hated him as his last partner because that person hates ROH fans more then he hates Hero...CZW's Eddie Kingston. CZW continued beating ROH, five on three.

Kingston chopped Hero in error and they started getting in each other's faces shoving the other. Homicide's music hit and the place went insane. Homicide slammed a piece of wood over Kingston's head. He laid out CZW until Necro hit him with a chair. Necro charged him but Homicide tossed tacks on the mat and Necro ran across them barefoot. Homicide tossed forks to Team ROH and they went to town on CZW.

Steele dove through the ropes but Kingston moved and Steele crashed through a table that was standing upright. Webb took a bump on thumbtacks. Lots of weapon shots. Homicide hit an Ace Crusher through a chair on Hero. Pearce hit a top rope elbow on Webb for a near fall. Hero teased falling through a table wrapped in barbed wire but was knocked past it, into the Cage. Whitmer hit an Exploder on the floor onto a trash can on Kingston.

Hero and Pearce battled to the top of the cage. Castagnoli jumped from the top to the cage and hit a side Russian Legsweep off the top through two tables on Pearce. Hero hit a moonsault into the cage on everyone. Homicide missed a running senton. Whitmer hit a brainbuster onto a chair on Hero, but Necro hit him with a chair to break it up. Homicide and Whitmer hit a double belly to back suplex on Necro, who hit the back of the chair with the back of his head. They tried to toss Necro out of the ring onto the barbed wire table but he escaped. Whitmer put Necro on his shoulder and dove backwards through the barbed wire table.

Homicide brought a barbed wire board in from under the ring. Webb tried to get him with a chair but Homicide clotheslined him. Homicide hit the CopKilla onto the barbed wire board and scored the pin for Team ROH

Jim Cornette came out and told the ROH staff to take the garbage wrestlers and drag out the trash. Cornette asked Dillon, Pearce, and Homicide to stay at ringside. He thanked Dillon for leading ROH to victory and thanked Pearce for being his eyes and ears when he was dealing with knee surgery. Cornette thanked Homicide for stepping up and said he knew Homicide would do what needed to be done for his home promotion. He said Homicide has his three wishes. The fans chanted, "Low Ki."

Homicide said he wants Steve Corino in a ROH ring. Cornette said he would make it happen. Homicide said he wanted a ROH title match, and Cornette said he got it. Homicide then said he wanted Low Ki reinstated. Cornette said that he has a problem with that because Ki knocked his tooth out. Cornette said he promised he would do something for Homicide, not Ki, and Ki will never be back as long as Cornette is back. Homicide said that Cornette was a liar because he's not giving him what he wants.

Cornette said he's not going to do it and asked if he was Homicide or "Homocide" because he wanted his gay lover. Homicide spit in Cornette's face. Pearce hit Homicide and Cornette maced him. Dillon and Pearce handcuffed Homicide to the corner. They maced Julius Smokes as he tried to climb the cage. Cornette began whipping Homicide with a strap as the ROH staff tried to get in the ring

sounds like a geat show, especially the cage of death match, i cant wait for this dvd
I like the ROH and the CZW fued that is going on it has a really great vibe about it. Sounds like a great event and also love the sound of Cage of Death. Another great post shawnesty.