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Rogers makes me sad...


Registered Member
These people get paid a good amount of money to report, analyze and commentate hockey games... yet, they barely know the rules!

The double face-off violation penalty in the Montreal game. It was like none of them, I really do mean ZERO/NONE/NNDA, knew that this was a rule added 1 or 2 CBA's ago. It has been called in a game before (almost certain Plekanec got it called on him).

Headbutting the puck in the net on purpose was something they thought was a good goal. I knew it wasn't instantly. The rule isn't a grey area. If you purposely propel the puck in the net with anything but your stick - it's no goal. They were all shocked. There were even NHLers turned analysts that couldn't believe it got waived off. Smith-Pelley instantly posted a video of him in juniors doing the same thing and it got waived.

...what made it even sadder. In lieu of this giant concussion lawsuit they are in - some of these analysts and former players suggested allowing players to purposely headbutt the puck in the net. Because that wouldn't lead to anything good.

I'm just glad that Canada vs Russia on TSN did really high numbers (highest World Championship ratings yet) against ANAvsCHI the same night. TSN knows how to do hockey - Rogers never have and they have sunk CBC with them.