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    It's to discuss about Roger Clemens. Personally I think he's one of the best pitchers of all time, some may disagree with what I am about to say, but personally I think he's the best pitcher of our ERA.

    He has 354 career victories, and over 4600 career strike outs. He has won seven Cy Youngs. His best season has to be in 1986 when he led the Red Sox to the World Series, and had 24 wins, and won the MVP award that season. He also struck out 20 batters twice in his career, which I believe is amazing. In 2001 he became the first Major LEague pitcher to start 20-1 and he finished the season 20-3.

    There's so much more about the Rocket Man, lets discuss about Roger Clemens.

  2. I have Clemens as the #2 pitcher of all time, the #1 right-handed pitcher of all time (narrowly, over Walter Johnson), and the #1 pitcher of our time (somewhat narrowly, over Greg Maddux). There are a ton of stats I could cite to justify rating Clemens this high, but I'll settle for one which speaks volumes:

    He has won at least 2 more ERA titles than any other pitcher in the history of Major League Baseball, except Lefty Grove. When the answer to a major pitching stat is "Lefty Grove and X," there's a pretty good chance "X" is the second best pitcher ever.

    I can live with rating Johnson ahead of Clemens, or with rating Clemens ahead of Grove, or (barely) with rating both Clemens and Johnson ahead of Grove, but I have the Top 5 as Grove, Clemens, W. Johnson, Maddux and Alexander, in that order. I have Pedro Martinez as the #1 pitcher of all time in "peak value." Other solid candidates for that distinction, in my opinion, are W. Johnson, Alexander, Grove, Koufax, Seaver and Maddux, though I think Alexander and Seaver are stretches.
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    I think that NOW, all of Roger Clemens' "achievements" will be taken with a grain of salt (to say the least). Sad, but I believe Roger will NEVER live down these steroid allegations (not unlike Barry Bonds). These guys were too greedy.
  4. Kratzenkov16

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    Roger Clemens...

    is a liar
  5. redsoxocd

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    agreed. But i'm starting to think that not much is going to come out of the steriods investigation with him.
  6. Doc

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    I think he's a liar and a cheater.

    ..yet the Astros invited him to camp.
  7. redsoxocd

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    hey, maybe, but any publicity is good publicity...well...actually...never mind

    I think that their stupid to have invited him to camp...yeah just have another distraction around for players who are trying to make the team...good job astros...
  8. Merc

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    I watched the congressional reports and Clemens was not a very confident man. He looks like someone who is trying to save himself in a situation that is totally hopeless.

    SHOELESSJOE3 Registered Member

    Not Very good at all. Roger chose to stand an fight, I think he made a mistake. After the hearing the hole got deeper.

    He claims that Andy Petitte misheard him in 1999 or 2000 when Andy said Roger told him that he (Roger) did steroids going back to 1995.

    Roger claimed he was speaking of his wife when he spoke to Andy in 1999 or 2000. Well we later found out that Debbie Clemens was injected......but, that was in 2003.

    Well obviously how could Roger be speaking of his wife in 1999 or 2000 when she was not injected until a couple or few years later.

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