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Roger Ailes accused of sexual harassment


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Roger Ailes, the chairman and CEO of Fox News, was recently accused by former news anchor Gretchen Carlson of sexual harassment when she was allegedly demoted and had her pay cut after refusing to sleep with him. Supporters of Ailes passed this off as just a disgruntled former employee trying to get back at her boss.

But now several other people, including Megyn Kelly, have come out against him, giving some credibility to the accusations.

Ailes has since been asked to resign or face being fired.

Rupert Murdoch has reportedly told the Fox News chairman and chief executive, Roger Ailes, to resign or he will be fired following fresh allegations that he sexually harassed another of the channel’s star anchors.

Murdoch, whose family owns the news channel as part of 21st Century Fox, is said to have given his long-standing friend, and one of the most powerful executives in news media, his marching orders on Monday after Megyn Kelly, 45, told investigator that Ailes, 76, sexually propositioned her early on in her career.


Free Spirit
Staff member
With a dozen women coming out against him it makes this believable. I wasn't really sure what to think when it was only Carlson making these claims. I think he should be fired and he shouldn't get the 40 million but I'm sure because of the contract Murdoch will have no choice.