Xbox 360 Rofl Gears Of War Pwnage


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Ok, I was in a 4vs4 match on Gridlock in Gears of War. And this is how my story goes.....

I spawned at the Right spawn point......

Game started off ok, I rushed to the middle of the map towards the sniper rifle (longshot). So one of my teammates run up and take it (which I wasn't too worried about, I'm not good with long range weapons) and he peaks around and says "Ok, we gotta sniper at the west tower." So I find some cover and next thing I know all 3 of my team mates are dead.

I had no help. I saw 2 players that tried to come up the middle tower and kill me. I blew one away with a shotgun, lucky shot! Next thing I did was throw a smoke grenade down to give me some cover. Then I run to the blocks toward my spawn point, thank god nobody saw me.

Next guy comes around the back side of the blocks and I bring out my chainsaw (lancer) and just cut him up! Lol......

So last guy, 1 vs 1. I was very surprised I'd make it this far....

He was still sniping, he knew exactly where I was. So I go in the very middle of the map and grab the boomshot (for those of you who don't know what that is, it's like a grenade launcher). So I grab my pistol and down him first, didn't rush him either. Tried to play this smart. So after I downed him he moved back for some cover for a sec and I ran up the stairs where he was sniping, didn't see him (which I was very concerned about). I turn a cornor and see him, very quickly bring out my boomshot and aimed then fired....

Killed him! End of the game and everyone said "DUDE HOW THE F*** DID YOU DO THAT?!" "YOU PWN!!!" And the only thing I said at the end of that game was.....

"BOOOOOOM!!!!!! HEADSHOT!!!!!!!"

That was my Gears of War pwnage..........


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wow thats cool
once i was playing at a friends house and we had had a connection thing and i was running and it kept me running and i went all the way across gridlock and i had shotgun on and sniper and i just sniped people from behind and when someone got near me i just used shotgun and killed them
Think i got like 15 kills before someone actually noticed me and killed me


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Not bad, was it a player match? It had to have been if there was possibly a snipe at west tower (seeing as hammerburst spawns there on ranked) Too bad ya didn't get the kills officially. Nice job though


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It wasnt warzone was it?

It was Execution right? Since you downed him and he got back up.

I only play warzone but I havent played since Halo 3 came out. AND AND I have 9900 kills lol.


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ya, i only play execution....i dont like any of the other game modes really

nice kill count on halo 3 btw
That's my Gears of war kill count. I only mention it because I was 100 kills away for the "Seriously..." achievement in Gears.

My Halo kill count is ridonkulously higher.
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I love GOW, I can't wait for the second one to come out. When it first came out, that's all I did for like 2 months straight, lol. I would think about it all day at school, go home, play it all day till I had to go to sleep, and repeat. :p


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lol this one othur time i wuz playin gearz and dis guy came up and wuz liek pew pew with his lancor and i ran ^ and was like BUUZZAAAWWW with meh chainsaw and he wuz liek "OMG WTF D00D GTFO" and i said "OMG BRB DOG ON FIRE I G2G KTHXBAI"