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Roethlisberger trade rumor


I find it truly hilarious to watch a team that isn't the Bengals implode due to character issues, and it's all the sweeter for it to be the Steelers.

Rothlisberger to the Raiders sounds like a good play for the Steelers. They can wash their hands of Ben, get a high pick, and get a solid player in addition (should that indeed be part of the deal). I also look forward to seeing Ben get flattened on a play-by-play basis as he tries to run a far inferior team.

I also like the possibility of seeing Tebow end up a Steeler, cause then I get to watch his over-hyped ass get beat to hell on a regular basis too! It's a win-win-win situation!


Registered Member
Marc Bulger just had the displeasure of playing for a team with a less then average offensive line. IMO, if he had a line, Avery would've been a top 8 receiver, and Randy McMichael a better then average TE.

I remember back on the ps2 when Bulger was either MVP or runner up every year.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
If they can make that trade with the Raiders I would do it in a second as well. They already have a strong defense and adding one of the best shut down corners in the NFL would be a bonus.

Personally I believe he's going to get traded, but only if they can get a first round pick in return. They've been in contact with most of the first ten teams that are selection in tonights NFL Draft.