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Discussion in 'Movies & TV' started by ChinUp, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. ChinUp

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    Got to be one of the greatest series that ever occurred .. to watch one today is I'm sure just as riveting as it was back when they were first broadcast ..

    Have you seen any of them ? .. If so which ones .. lets share .. I really enjoy the whole .. what if .. realm Serling delves into .. that life is more than meets the eye .. when you stop & think about it ..

  2. ToMaSdOgG

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    Seen a few...

    I've enjoyed the ones I've seen

    I saw one with something on the wing of an airplane already in flight. A little freaky if you ask me.

    Saw one of the more famous ones that started as a French short film but turned into a Twilight Zone. It was called "The Occurence at the Owl Creek Bridge." I love the twist at the end either though it is predictable.

    Saw another where this guy never had enough peace and quiet to read his books. He was in a bank or something one day alone in a room when a bomb went off that killed everyone. He was doing something later and broke his only pair of reading glasses (that would stink if you were the guy).
  3. Duke1985

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    I watched several today on Sci Fi Channel.

    Lets see we had the one with the pretty lady in the world of hideous people.
    The classic Shatner and his girlfriend in the dinner with the box that tells your fortune.
    A later one with low production values, something about robots, I only watched bits and pieces.
    And they finished up with the one with the camera that takes pictures of the near future.
  4. I watched tons of them! Did any of you see the actual Twilight Zone movie? That was pretty good. I still like watching them, but they don't have them on too much anymore here. Guess they don't make high enough ratings.
  5. ChinUp

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    either that or current sci-fi just cant compete .. I think recently high budget special effects has taken precedence over great scripts .. I would really like to see some genuinely imaginative sci-fi back on the tube .. might even inspire me to get a TV again .. :p the x-files is about the only thing I've gone for over the past decade or so, that & some of the star trek spin offs .. but the scripts don't compare to the great ideas in the original series .. the Borg is about as imaginative as it got .. & the whole you will be assimilated into the machine spin has been done over & over .. where are the new ideas for screenplays .. they all seem to be in animation these days ?

    thats from the movie .. classic rendition of the horrible situation one if faced with when your the only witness of something & nobody wants to believe you .. especially when what you are witnessing is a potential threat to everyones lives ..

    Ya thats one he didn't write himself but thought deserved the twilight zone seal of approval .. reminiscent of the recent movie .. the others with Nicole Kidman .. have you seen it ?

    I think it was called "man who time forgot" or something .. real kick in the backside to those of us who ask for things we really don't want .. truth be told :w00t:

    classics .. was the one with the pretty girl the number 9 looks like you .. when a girl is expected to upgrade her appearance to the fashionable mold society approves of .. but she happens to like herself just as she is ?

    The camera one is class also .. I really like how Serling shows you that what you might feel inclined to wish for might just be your worse nightmare .. very sobering & humbling I find ..
  6. JimServo

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    Brilliant show. I've seen it on the Sci-Fi channel in the US, and have the first season on DVD. I would have gotten more but the sets are extremely expensive, more so then most DVD sets.

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