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Rockomplain Castle


Registered Member
I once wrote some poems in English, though I'm Italian - so I wanted to know if they were correct and what you think about them.
This is one of them, to start with.
Yes, I'm ready for every kind of comment. ;)

Rockomplain Castle

Hard rock's giving me the impression
that all we did was "wrong direction"
- are we going to be a dark castle
imploding in storms of self-destruction?
No - life is no struggle;
No - there is no danger;
No - Life's just the whistle
of world's joy in painting rainbow blossoms.
Have you made up your decision?
Will you go with me in this mission
- to discover how stars spend days
when stubborn clouds get in the way?
Forgive the rain - and you won't get wet;
worship its music and it'll be sun's ray
- it's just a step;

We'll travel well, so no complaints:
our castles' fears'll be blown away.