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  1. cat's meow

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    20 of 21 now.

    Are the Rockies this good or the National League that bad? If CO goes to the WS will they face a buzz saw of the Sox or the Indians and it be a different story for them?

  2. Slimpy

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    It may be. I think there are 2 things that could hurt the rockies if they make it to the world series. First off if they sweep the d-backs and the red sox, indians series goes 6 or 7 games, then they will be on over a week's rest. Also no one can stop them in the NL. But it may be different when they have to face a AL team, if its boston you have to stop the best DH in the game, something you don't have to deal with in the NL. If you run into the indians, you are up against a hot young team that have proven a lot of people wrong this season whatever team you face you will be up against great pitching, so they will have to get their bats going in a big way to win against either of those teams if they make it to the world series, and lets face it the chances of them not making it is extremly low.
  3. Millz

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    I'm hoping it's Cleveland vs. Colorado.

    Reason being was that in 1997 the Florida Marlins beat Cleveland for their first World Series Championship. The Rockies came into the league with Marlins...wouldn't it be funny if they BOTH won their first title against Cleveland?
  4. Babe_Ruth

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    It's incredible run for the Rockies, it shows that when your a hot team you can beat anybody. They've won the last 20-21 games, that's incredible. Now the Rockies are up 3-0 and they have a game tonight. I personally expected a better effort from the Diamondbacks, but it doesn't help that the Rockies are so hot right now.
  5. njbroncsfan

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    I see it as a disadvantage if they sweep. The ALCS will probably go at least 6 and therefore the Rockies will have a lot of time off. If they weren't so hot it could be either good or bad, but all that time off may cool them down.
  6. Slimpy

    Slimpy Guest

    It may hurt them, but they did have time off between the nlds and the nlcs and it obviously didn't affect them at all.

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