Rockets Hire Adelman to Replace Van Gundy


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HOUSTON, May, 23, 2007 (AP) -- The Houston Rockets have hired Rick Adelman to replace Jeff Van Gundy, hoping the veteran NBA coach can break the team's recent history of postseason flops.
"I always knew I was going to look for something eventually,'' Adelman said Tuesday night as he arrived at an airport in Houston, where he was met by team officials. "This is obviously just a great situation with the city, the organization. I'm really excited. This is a team that played so solid last year. You can build on that.''
The Rockets were set to introduce Adelman at a news conference on Wednesday afternoon. Adelman, 60, brings an up-tempo, high-scoring system to Houston, a stark contrast to Van Gundy's more defense-minded and methodical approach. Van Gundy was fired Friday after the Rockets were bounced from the opening round of the playoffs for the third time in his four seasons.


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They either needed a new PG to maintain a slow pace or a new coach to quicken the pace. I'm not sure which would have been better, but it's definitely easier to hire a new coach then to find a good halfcourt PG.


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I love Jeff Van Gundy as a head coach, and I'm sad to see him get fired because he's really good at what he does. But it wasn't a right fit for him in Houston. This team is to build to run and gun. With Rick Adelman at the helm that's what they'll do. Hopefully he can turn this team into serious contenders like he did in his time in Sacramento.

Tracy McGrady

I dont believe there a team to Run-and-Gun because they have Yao in there. But I do believe they should play at a faster pace.