Rockband is a Baby's Toy.


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I'm sure that a lot of people here know that I am no fan of Rockband at all, I think it's a really pointless game. I think the same way of Guitar Hero as well.

Yeah I understand little kids having fun with the game before they can play a real guitar or something but check this out.

YouTube - asian arcade

I say that you either grow up to play a real instrument or play a man's game.

This game is the real deal.
it has 10 Buttons
the game moves at least 2x faster than anything even on expert.

so tell me what's harder, Guitar hero on expert or an asian game.

YouTube - Mortal Kombat - Test Your Might - Guitar Hero 2 Custom Track

Any thoughts on this?


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I am pretty sure Guitar Hero and Rock Band were invented by the music industry as a way to keep the number of new musicians to a minimum. :lol:

In order to be as good as some of these people are you have to spend hours a day. At the end of the day you have nothing to show but skills in a videogame that will be obsolete in a few years.

Real guitars aren't going anywhere any time soon.


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People are very quick to disregard these sorts of games as "waste's of time" or something that people do because they can't play real instruments. My case in point against all this conjecture is my ex house mate. He's a great guitarist, he can pretty much learn any song he could put his mind to and yet he loves these type of games. He's also a massive gamer so he eventually masters every guitar gero / rock band track and this doesn't detract from his general guitar playing.


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I haven't tried Rockband, but I quite enjoy Guitar Hero. It's fun. Especially when they have some Slipknot and Disturbed on there.


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It went around the internet that the video with the '10 buttons' was fast forwarded years ago.

and like Altan said, real musicians play the games.. and it has nothing to do with people not being able to play real instruments so they 'pretend' they can. RockBand is a fun multi player game. Out at college when we were bored and had nothing else to do, we played RockBand. More then half the people really played Guitar or Drums.


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Sorry man but that first game looked kind of cool and a bit of fun to play. I have the Guitar hero games for my DS and they are fun to play an they break the monotony of the standard platform scrollers and shooters that are mainly produced today.


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Rockband and Guitar Hero is something different, were always use to the first person shooter games, or sports games in the last decade or so, but we haven't seen anything like Rockband and Guitar Hero, which is why I find it so facinating.

That Asian game looks pretty intense, but playing Rock Band on expert is also intense.
I honestly can't understand the hatred some people have toward the Guitar Hero/Rock Band games. At least two of my friends decided to pick up guitar after playing Guitar Hero, and another that took up the drums after playing Guitar Hero World Tour. I also know a friend that is in an actual band and he loves Guitar Hero and the like. If someone likes playing Guitar Hero/Rock Band, I don't see why some people get so pissy about it and bring up the whole "Learn to play a real instrument!" argument. Getting worked up over what people like is a total waste of energy as far as I'm concerned.