Rock, Paper, Scissors(Mind Game or Luck)

RPS Mind Game or Luck?

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Aw, Here It Goes!
Do you think RPS is a mind game that takes strategy or is it just luck? After I was beaten to day pretty badly I wonder if he was luck or knew what I was going to do. Your input would be nice(Yes its a random question).
Mind game, easily. There are certain signs that good RPS players know that hints to them what there opponent is about to throw.


Gay As Fuck
It can be about the person and their usual way of playing, but I think getting down to it the game is based on luck.



A Darker Knight
Mind game if you play enough rounds. I'd say any round over a minute long is a mind game.
Depends on whose playing. Kids trying to figure out who gets a pudding pack will rely on luck. Serious people acutally have plans and try to psych their opponent out.