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Rock Official Thread


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Rap & Hip Hop, Techno & Dance and Blues all get their own thread, and Dekz and I have been talking about somewhere to just discuss general rock, so here it is.

I've really been getting back into my rock lately, after a while of getting stuck into Punk, and then DNB and Dubstep.

I've been listening to my favourites, but i'll post a couple songs that have gotten me hooked all over again.

YouTube - Young Guns - The Weight of the World (2009 Tour Video)

YouTube - My Chemical Romance - "Na Na Na" (Official Music Video)


And I just discovered the joy that is Bullet For My Valentine


I'm always on the lookout for new tunes to be hooked on, so post suggestions for me too :)

So, discuss everything rock in here. Metal, punk, pop rock, heavy rock, whatever tickles your fancy.


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I think I fell in love with Attack Attack! and Threat Signal are pretty awesome too. I'll definitely be checking out some more by both of them. Any recommendations on songs?

I've been meaning to check out Against Me! for a while now, but that song did nothing for me. And i'm not sure I can go too emo, so Sky Eats Airplane may have to wait for an emo moment haha The lead singer kinda sounds like the guy from Blink, no?

I feel the need to share this with everyone. They kinda remind me of a cross between Muse, Chevelle and Tool, but heavier. I dunno, listen and form your own opinion.
YouTube - Janus "The Nerve"

Oh, and a little Rev Theory is a good thing too.
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Sultan of Swat
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I'm more of an old school Rock fan. I love bands like:

-Van Halen
-Led Zeppelin
-Def Leppard
-Pink Floyd
-Fleetwood Mac
-The Police

That's just to name a few.

When I think of great Rock n Roll, My Chemical Romance or other bands mentioned in this thread don't come in my mind whatsoever. In my opinion, there's not a lot of good Rock n Roll bands left in this generation, and it's a shame.


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There are plenty of good rock bands out there Bizzy, so I have to disagree with you there. The bands in this thread probably aren't the best examples of timeless classics, but they're still young bands. Half the bands you mentioned have been around for yonks, and therefore have more albums to convey their better music from. Anyway, examples time. Look at Metallica, look at Disturbed for a heavier style. Then there are softer rock bands like Muse, and Kings of Leon. I think the thing is, because of the uprise in pop and dance music, rock is getting less play on radios, etc, whereas in the old days it was one of the most popular genres. Good rock is still out there, it just isn't handed to you on a plate, you have to dig for it. I actually read an article recently, disagreeing with statements of rock being dead, i'll see if I can find it.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I'm not trying to say there's not any Rock Bands that are no good at the moment, I like Theory of a Deadman and a few others out there. I just believe that Rock bands today are nothing compared to the ones we had in the past, that's all.

My expectations are probably to high, and I'll admit there's some bands out there that I'll probably never give a chance too. But I can't come to terms in saying that Kings of Leon are a great Rock Band, I think they're painfully awful to listen too, but once again that's just my personal opinion on the matter.


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Haha I know it's your opinion that older music is better and the old bands were greater, and I agree with you in that aspect, they were great. But I just want to get my point across that rock isn't the prevalent genre like it was back then, therefore there are going to be less opportunities for rock musicians to be great.


Registered Member
Love this sort of music. It's the mutt's nuts. It's the badger's tadgers.

Particular favourite bands include:

The Distillers - I absolutely love this band, especially good for travelling to I find:
Dismantle Me - a personal favourite:
YouTube - Distillers - Dismantle Me

Nine Inch Nails - I find it hard to compare any other artist(s) to Trent Reznor's musical wizardry.
Favourite track has to be the sublime Terrible Lie:
YouTube - Terrible Lie - Nine Inch Nails

System of a Down - LOVE THEM!
Chop Suey, has to be one of the greatest tracks of all time.

Tool -
YouTube - TOOL--Sober 1993

Great thread, rock and metal deserves one to itself!


Registered Member
Oh good, HES, I didn't realise you were a rocker too. I love SOAD and Tool, so good choices there.

Recently (as in today) I discovered the joys of Alter Bridge

YouTube - Alter Bridge - Isolation
YouTube - Alter Bridge - Ties That Bind
Yep. I don't think I could function properly in life without rock and metal.

I've heard Alter Bridge before but didn't realise how much more attention I should probably give them before listening to those cool tracks you posted. I like Isolation especially. I think I'll be getting myself one of their CDs next time I'm out shopping... Nice one.

EDIT: I think I should probably leave a new track to check out each time I contribute to the rock official thread --- so here's a link to another personal favourite - Queens of the Stone Age...

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