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Super Nintendo Rock N' Roll raceing


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all you RNR fans...This is a game I would like to see them remake for the cube or next system.
The raceing was cool and the music what can I say to totaly blasting the CPU or other 3 players while listening to sweetleaf and foghat.
Man I really got into that game. I wish they would remake this one...or make a way for us to play our old SNES games on our cubes...Then the world would be a better place...:lol:


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I used to love this game, unfortunatly I only got to play it as a rental, and really havent run across a copy of it used in my retro adventues.

The music was just cool. Do you remember all the songs that were on there?


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This is another game that I got hooked on in my brief phase of emulator gaming. I don't know why I got this game, but I got it and was instantly addicted. The music just blew me away, and the racing was very, VERY easy to get comfortable with. I think it was the same or similar as RC Pro-AM and Off Road type controls. This game was so good that even when the music got repetitive (because I had been playing the game so long) I still didn't even feel it and was interested. I'd recommend this game to anyone, even if you just take it out for a test drive. ;)


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I know what you mean, this is high on my list of must find games. I only really got to play it as a rental as a kid... those were the days