Rock lee

Pic looks low quality or it's cropped from a video screenshot. I'd get a higher quality pic if I were you.

- cropping looks good
- background and colors look nice.
- I like what you've done with the text. that taijutsu specialist title in the corner.

I've got one question:
Who's Rock Lee?


Aw, Here It Goes!
Who should have beaten Gaara anyways,

The only thing I dont like is the picture everything else is great the text, the background. Im just not feeling the pic.


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Í've seen way better stuff from you Tantheman so that sig doesn't really appeal to me. I don't want to sounds mean but that's the worst sig you've showed since you've been on FC. It's not that bad but you can do way better and I am sure you know it aswell.
I like it. I get tired of everyone going for the airbrushed looking pictures all the time. And the background accents the picture well.


i dont think its the worste sig, its just different and I tried to go abstract, the picture is like that to match the backgound like that.


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#8 hurts my cyber self to say this but, that is the wrong pic for that sig, it stand out so much from the bg ;_; But dude that bg is so cool looking that it isn't even funny, I am so tempted to paint something now! There a problem with that though...I have no paint set >>; The fonts are good and I like how the look rocky and tilting! Nice work Tan, and no it is not one of the worst ones u have made, I gotta say it's one of the best though the pic and bg don't seem to go together lol^^;