PlayStation 3 Rock Band


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Anyone else hooked, I have been wearing it out since I purchased it last week. I really like the fact that you can go online and purchase new songs which will update according to the website every week throughout 08'.
I have yet to try this apparently astouding piece of gaming spooge, but when I do ill tell you.

I just wanted to know, is there really a vocal...mode...or whatever.

Cuz thats pretty kick ass.


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Yeah, there's a mic.

Honestly, I don't think the game is that good. The guitar controller is horrible and I already know of 2 drum kits that have broken.


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I'm quite excited for this one to be released in the UK. Me and my house mates are big guitar hero enthusiasts so this seems like the natural progression for us lol.


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The one drum kit I've tried using ended up getting broken by the end of the night. And I agree that the guitar controllers are horrible.