Rochette Figure Skating


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I know many of you guys don't watch figure skating, but if you haven't heard Rochette is a Canadian Figure Skater. She's currently third after the short program.

Now if you didn't hear her story then this is what happened, her mom and dad appeared in Vancouver to watch her about a week ago, but her mother passed away two days ago after getting a massive heart attack. Now what's remarkable is that she still went on to perform in front of the Canadian crowd.

This is one of the best stories of the Olympics, I know some of you probably disagree with me on this one, but what she did yesterday is unbelievable.

I don't think she'll win the Gold Medal, but the effort is definitely there and she's leaving everything on the ice.

Sorry! I know some of you don't really like when the Olympics start talking about back stories like this, but I just felt I would share this with you even if I end up the only one writing in this thread.


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I agree with you for sure, Babe. My mom is big into figure skating so I've kept up with things to some extent, and I definitely know her story. It's already inspiring that she could compete at all...I hope she does well.


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I didn't know that story. The gold medal contenders are just a few points ahead of her (just a slip can change the story). It's amazing how she can still perform, but maybe it's inspiring for her now and she's performing for her mom. I can't wait to see the finals tomorrow.