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    Those are some sweet pictures. I wouldn't be surprised if we have combat robots soon. Send a few of those into hostile territory and all the enemy will be able to do is run (unless they have something that can destroy the robot).
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    Robots are not indestructable, or shouldn't be anyway... I wouldn't want to think if they were.. The Terminator comes to mind...
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    - Every few days they have a new series. Some of the older stuff is fantastic. It is one of my favourite places on the web where I can stop and be in awe. Definatly one to be in the bookmarks.

    Im pretty sure we already do to some degree. But yeah a fleet of robots charging you who dont even understand the concept of fear would put the willies into the hardest man.
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    They are working on a form of battle field robot the only problem that they are running into is a robot can't distinguish between a kid playing around or a actual aggressor. Robots can't think for them selves so they can only do what they are programed for, so there is a chance that the robot could kill the wrong person not to mention the costs of the robot out weigh the usefulness of it on the battle field.

    I am sure given time and with the advancements in robotics and AI they might be a reality in the next 20 to 25 years.
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    The robots allowing a surgeon to operate on a patient 4000 miles away, is a real marvel technology.
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    I had to laugh at the Combat Robots...

    We do have UAV's and UCAV's already, probably wouldnt be that difficult to make a ground version.

    Also there are the citizen made ComBots!

    ComBots - Combat Robots, the largest fighting robot show in the world.

    I'd love to see the look on some terrorists face when a Gigantic sized version of a Vertical Spinning Saw-Bot starts motating his way!

    actually the more I look the more it does look there are already Gun Toting versions of these


    in a way it sorta reminds me of a Rambo Style Johnny #5 :hah:
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    We have robots at work that deliver the mail and pick up packages. You have to listen for them beeping and go get the department mail, or to load yours on.

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