PC Games Robot Unicorn Attack!


I'm pretty sure this thread goes here anyways >.> ... <.< ... hmm...

anyhow, I just discovered this awesome in-browser game. The music gets really annoying after a while (you have to listen to the chorus at least three times though :p), but the game itself is really simple and addicting. I recommend everyone try it at least once.

Basically, you control a little rainbow robot unicorn and guide it through these hills and things by making it jump with the key Z and make it run really fast and smash into the huge fatal stars with the X key. If you don't smash the stars, they kill you.

Try it out! I am kind of addicted to both the game and the song.

Free Online Game - Robot Unicorn Attack from Adult Swim


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Haha my friends and I discovered this game a few weeks ago. I haven't played it in a while.. It's a very good browser game.


I really want the decapitated sad robot unicorn head that shows up in the background of the "FAIL" screen for my avatar here, but I can't seem to capture it without a number in front of it >.<


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Lol. I posted a vid in the random though thread of some guy playing robot unicorn attack yesterday. Check it out :)

This game is indescribable. It is hilarious, Ima go see what high-score I can get xD