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    Alright guys, this section has been active lately, and I've got new members that know a lot about the sport. So I'll be starting new threads about some of the greatest players that have played the game, and we will discuss about him, what was so great about him, and what has impressed you the most about him. I want this to be done properly, I don't want crappy short messages, if you don't know nothing about the certain player, then you can reply asking questions about him, but I don't want replies saying this guy is overrated and stuff, if you do think he's overrated then state why. I will delete any messages that I feel isn't appropriate for these threads. The first player that I have chosen is Roberto Clemente.


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    I am a huge fan of his, hes my favorite player ever.

    He had an absolute hose, which we was accurate with too, in RF, one of the strongest arms ever, he also had great range in right and wasn't afraid to dive for the ball, and usually would if he thought he had any shot at it. He wasn't very smart with his throws though, he would often unleash a throw to third or home even if he had no shot at the guy heading there and would give up an extra base to the guy that hit the ball. He had 266 OF assists and 42 DP's, which is pretty amazing for an outfielder, especially a RF'er because they have the longest throw on the field.

    Defense was the strongest attribute to his game, but he wasn't bad with the bat in his hands either. He hit over .300 in 13 seasons, won 4 batting titles, and led the league in hits twice. He wasn't much of a power hitter, his career high in homers was only 29 and his next highest was 23 which he did twice, but that was largely a factor of playing in spacious Forbes Field, he had 240 homers for his career. He did consistently appear in the top 10 in slugging though. The big ballpark, along with his pretty good speed, led to him hitting a lot of triples though, hitting 166 over his career.

    His credentials include these:

    11 Gold Gloves
    1 League MVP (8 times finished in the top 10 of voting)
    1 WS MVP
    12 All Star Games
    4 Batting Titles
    2 times led his league in hits
    1 time led his league in triples

    We all know the sad story of him going to help a country in need and never returning. And about one of his teammates that dove into the water to try and find his body on his own. He was one of the greats of the game that was taken from us far too early.
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    Clemente was an amazing player. What he did on that field was simply amazing. Like you said Nats he was a great hitter, in 1960 the righthanded hitter began a streak of eight consecutive seasons in which he batted no less than .312. He was also a very clutch hitter. He hit safely in every game of the World Series against the Yankees, batting .310. In Game Seven, he kept an eighth-inning rally alive with a hustling infield single, setting up a go-ahead homer by Hal Smith. He also played well against Baltimore in the World Series. Clemente played like a man possessed, chasing down fly balls, unleashing great throws at every opportunity, batting .414 with 12 hits and two home runs, one in Pittsburgh's climactic Game Seven victory, and winning the Series MVP award.

    He was also one of the best outfielders. Yes he might of been erratic his throws at times, but when his throws on-line the runner didn't stand a chance. In the outfield, he would track down every ball in range, often making spectacular diving or leaping catches. He played caroms out of the tricky right field corner at Forbes Field faultlessly. On routine flies, he used the basket catch made famous by his contemporary, Willie Mays.

    In my opinion he was one of the best overall players of all time. He was also a great man, who like to give two others. His plane crash was very sad. He did so much for the game.
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    He was the first latin american inducted into the baseball HoF, and the fashion in which he died showed that he was so much more than a baseball player. He was a human being, and a great one at that. You just don't hear about players now doing what he was trying to accomplish with that trip enough.
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    Clemente was OK I guess. For much of his career he was a fourth wheel behind Musial, Mays and Aaron. Plus how good could he have been if he didn't have more than 3000 hits?
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    Musial retired about half way through Clemente's career.

    What do you mean ONLY 3,000 hits? Only 27 players have reached that milestone in the 120+ year history of the game, and all but two are in the Hall of Fame, those two being Rose who is suspended from baseball for life for his betting, as we all know, and the other is Rickey Henderson and the only reason hes not is because he hasn't been retired for 5 years yet. I also hope you realize Willie Mays ONLY had 3,283, Tony Gwynn ONLY had 3,141, Babe Ruth ONLY had 2,873, Ted Williams ONLY had 2,654, Reggie Jackson ONLY had 2,584, Ozzie Smith ONLY had 2,460. Getting 3,000 hits is not easy. Not even Ted Williams, who is widely considered the greatest hitter EVER, got to it, and he even hit .400 in one season.

    It is clear to me that you don't know much, if anything, about Clemente.

    He was still only 37 when he got number 3,000, and probably had at least 3 good years ahead of him, if he hadn't died in that plane crash. He probably would've played about 5 more seasons, that would've put him at 43 and thats how old Mays was when he retired, probably 3 of those would've still been at a relatively high level of play, and the other 2 would've been at a league average level of play. He averaged about 167 hits a season over his career, if he had played 5 more seasons with that averge he would've collected 835 more, factoring some type of decline he probably would've gotten closer to 650-750, which would put him in the 3,600-3,700 range for hits, which would've put him in the top 10 all time for hits, along with another GG or two. He is a lot better than you think he is.

    He is one of the best defensive outfielders to ever play the game, he was recently named one of the all time Gold Glove winners by Rawlings, and had a rocket arm in the outfield. Few in the history of the game could throw with him.

    If Clemente hadn't died when he did we would hold him in a lot higher regard because his stats would look a lot better. And he did play 2nd fiddle to guys like Mays, Kaline, and Aaron during his career.
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    My dear fellow that was a joke. I said MORE than 3000.
    And Musial was for color!!!!:lol:
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    Ah, my apologies, I thought you meant it seriously.
  9. I'm not old enough to have seen him play but from what I have heard about him, mostly I read it as no one I know is as big as a baseball fan as me, he was a god. An absoulte cannon in RF, One of the BEST hitters of all time and when you look up Humantitarian in the Dictionary it says

    " (hyoo man e ter e an) See Roberto Clemente"

    He died way to young, just like Gehrigh. However he didn't die of a disease, of old age, drugs, alchol, but he died trying to help improve and save the helpless souls that lived in hurricane-raveged Nicaraga. That was a true way to die.

    Sometimes when I look back I think I was born in the wrong Era. I missed Ruth, Aaron, Gehrigh, Clemente, DiMaggio, Williams, Mays, Kaline, Fisk, Berra, Jackson.

    Roberto Clemente was a humanitarian who died doing a noble and honorable deed.

    P.S. Sorry about that but I take Debate and I have to preform speeches and so that's how I wirte sometimes.
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    Don't be silly. You're doing great.:clap:

    I mentioned the Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract in another thread. It's a must read. It's filled with so much period info you'll become baseball certified.

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