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Anyone here taken any cool road trips? Where have you gone? Where would you like to go?

The furthest I've ever driven is from Chicago to Baltimore. I usually drive there with my dad every summer, but I'm not going this year. It's a very boring drive. My family drove from Las Vegas to Phoenix on a vacation about 10 years ago. We spent a day at the Grand Canyon and a few days in Sedona on the way. And a couple years ago we drove from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas, and spent several days at Zion National Park in southern Utah.

Within the next couple years I'd like to spend an entire summer driving around the country. I'd start in mid June and head to the northeast and hike in upstate New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. I'd drive down I-95, passing through Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. I'd spend a few days in Baltimore visiting relatives before driving southwest to the Smoky Mountains. I'd hike there for a couple days, and then stop in Memphis to visit my friend.

I really have no interest in seeing the southeastern states, so I'd head north and spend a day hiking and camping in southern Illinois. Then I'd drive out to Colorado, passing through St. Louis and Kansas City. I'd probably stay in Colorado for a couple weeks climbing mountains. I'd pass through New Mexico and hike in Flagstaff, Arizona for a day before continuing on into southern Cal. From there I'd drive up the Pacific Coast Highway to Monterey, and then head over to the Sierras and climb Mount Whitney, the highest point in the lower 48. I'd spend a few days in Yosemite, and a day in Tahoe, and then continue north through Oregon and Washington to Seattle. Maybe do a short backpacking trip in Olympic National Park.

Then I'd finally start heading back east, driving through Idaho and Montana, checking out Yellowstone and the Tetons in Wyoming, a backpacking trip in the Wind River Range, and staying in Salt Lake City for a few days. I'd climb the highpoint of Utah, Kings Peak, and then start my journey home, spending a week in the Black Hills of South Dakota on the way. Mount Rushmore is there, as well as Wind Cave National Park, and Badlands National Park is nearby. From there it's a full day's drive back to Chicago.

That's my dream. I think it would be a pretty epic journey.
Within the next couple years I'd like to spend an entire summer driving around the country.
You better be rich or hope the gas prices come down severely. Also, what type of car do you like driving when you go on your road trip? Regular, convertible, perhaps a motorcycle?

My family took us on a road trip to Laughlin, NV and to Las Vegas, NV when I was younger. Laughlin is a more kid friendly place than Las Vegas and it was great when we got there. BUT THE RIDE THERE. Ugh... I don't know if it was the desert or if it's because I hate driving, but that drive was dreadful. There's this point that you've seen ENOUGH scenery and want to get to your destination already. Not only that, on the way back we got a flat tire and had to wait out in the desert for an hour or so until a tow-truck could come to pick us up and take us back to the towing yard.

Next time, I'm requesting we take an airline to our destination.


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You better be rich or hope the gas prices come down severely.
Yeah, the gas prices are a killer, but I think it would be a trip worth saving for. I'd be camping most nights and cooking a lot of my own food, which would save a ton of money. No three month trip is going to be cheap anyway. Think how much it would cost to visit each one of those places on separate trips.

Also, what type of car do you like driving when you go on your road trip? Regular, convertible, perhaps a motorcycle?
Just a sedan. Something with good gas mileage.


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Growing up, we drove everywhere, so the idea of hoping in the car and driving 9-10 hours to get somewhere is no big deal. I've driven all over and seen a good portion of Utah, driven from Utah to Phoenix a couple times, to Vegas, San Diego, Anaheim, Pueblo (Colorado), and to nothern Utah/Oregon, but I was little and don't remember much of that trip.

I've never done a trip where the vacation is the trip with stops along the way though, we usually have a destination in mind and I prefer to just get in the car and drive till we are there, unless there is something really cool and we just stop for a couple hours to see it on the way.


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When I was in SF, we drove to Lake Tahoe then SLO, then LA, and ended in Vegas. THAT was fun. We stopped at some nice towns where I bought postcards (like most tourists, lol). I'm so glad I'm not the one doing the driving. But there are times I'd sit in front to be the "navigator". I wish we stopped by Yosemite to camp.


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i enjoy going on road trips. do it often, from city to ctiy. its best a 4 hour drive, to the next city, from the top of the south island, to the bottom of the south island is a 9 hour drive, from the top of the north island to the bottom of the north island is a 13 hour drive,

i have done it myself. all in one go. went from the bottom of the south island, to the top of the north island in 3 days. got a 3 hour boat ride from south to north island, nice trip. did it with my x, and her sister.

the last one i did was only a month ago. and that was a good trip. gonna upload a map of the trip.

I live in Greymouth, went from there up to Nelson witch is 386ks from there went over to blenheim witch is about 50 ks from nelson, from there went down to christchurch witch if about 400ks from blenheim, from christchurch went over to the west back to greymouth wtich is 266 ks,

left on the thursday at about 5pm and got home saturday morning at 4am


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Furthest I've driven is from SC to MI for a wedding I was in because I didn't have the cash for a plane ticket. Let's just say I made it in under the 13+ hours they recommend and leave it at that :) I don't mind driving, however, if I have the money I'd prefer to fly.


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My longest road trip was 2 days of complete driving non stop down to florida to go to disney when I was like 6 or 7.

It was insane and I have problems because I can't sleep in the car, it just doesn't work for me and I don't know how anybody else does it.


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Being as Israel is so tiny and I live in the middle of it, road trips aren't considered long at all in comparission to travelling the US.
The longest road trip we'd ever taken (in the family car) was 3.5 hrs up north towards Tiberias and Sefad.
Driving the length of Israel should take about 10 hours.
Driving the width is no more than 3 if I'm not mistaken.