Road Trips...


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I thought that it would be interesting to see what everyone usually does while they are on a road trip.

Usually I just play some Nintendo DS, listen to some music, and play plenty of hearts (it's a card game for those of you who really don't know). Those are basically the only things that I do while on a road trip, except for of course just talking, sleeping, and eating, but everyone does that.

What does everyone else do while on a road trip?


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I'm usually either driving or staring out the window. Music is always playing. I can't really do too much in the car without getting a headache.


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Yeah I know how it feels to get a headache while on the road, I get really bad headaches when I try to read so I try to avoid it.


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haven't really gone on any major road trips in years, my longest trip nowadays is to Atlantic City, which is about a 3-4 hour drive with no traffic and a food/bathroom stop. i usually just space out, but we got a dvd player in our new van so i guess movies will become a regular thing now
I spy with my little eye game is always fun.

I do the same as dDave except the Nintendo DS. Usually, I get annoyed sitting in a car for a long time, so, I'd like to pull over and explore for awhile on my own. That way, I can move around and lower my anger meter towards other people.