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Road Rage


aka ginger warlock
I don't own a car or for that matter even a driving license but I still wonder about Road Rage. I have been getting lifts with my dad etc who gets angry at other drives and will do hand signals to other drivers to show his anger, he doesn't "give people the finger" as it were but he might as well. Now this bothers me and I have said so, the reason I say this is despite only seeing people stalk others in the movies I can quite believe it does happen but more to the point I really don't see the point, what does it really achieve? Is it really that important that you be where you need to be one minute earlier? Do you tend to suffer from RR or do you just think "oh well, stuff happens"?
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Where is my Queen?
I have really bad road rage. There won't be a time when I am in my car and won't cuss. I just can't stand people driving so badly. By no means am I the perfect driver but please go the speed limit. Don't slow down on the entrance ramp to the freeway. Crap like that is what causes accidents and congestion. If everybody went the speed limit there wouldn't be as many wrecks or congestion.


Son of Liberty
Nah I'm a really patient driver.

There are very rare instances where I get bouts of Road Rage and when I do its nothing I'd ever act on. I figure Im behind the wheel of a 1500 pound hunk of pain... if I start acting like I do in Grand Theft Auto.... heh, its not gonna end well for me.


The way I show my road rage is by yelling at other drivers. But that's it and it doesn't happen often. It's just a way to express my angry because most of the Albanian drivers are disorganized and irresponsible.


No Custom Title Exists
Oh, don't get me started.

I am currently on my Learners Permit and I drive around the town and the city with Dad on some occasions and it's unbelievable how stupid some people are on the roads, they don't display indicator lights, they don't look when entering an intersection. As cocky as it sounds, I am a really good driver compared to everyone else on the road. I am really bad when someone makes a mistake and ALMOST causes a car crash, I would swear, bang the wheel and give them death stares and they'll be raging back at me because I am a learner.


Haters gonna hate.
I only get mad in certain situations... it just depends on the level of the other driver's stupidity. Cut me off on the highway? Okay, I can deal with that. Run a red light as I am about to cross the street? I'll get furious.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I wouldn't say I have road rage per se, but I do get angry at drivers while driving. I usually don't directly yell at them, but I just yell out loud in my car. At times I'll flip the bird but that's also very rare. Like GB, I get annoyed by bad drivers, especially the ones that driver under the speed limit, especially when it's only 60 km/h.


Problematic Shitlord
I live in Massachusetts right outside of Boston so suffice to say, no one has a fucking clue how to drive out here. No blinkers, no waiting at stop signs, no understanding of four way stops, yields, right of way, nothing. You think I'm kidding but let me tell you. Recently, Los Angeles, New York and Boston were named the worst cities in terms of driving and trust me it's deserved. Even outside of Boston, people drive like cunts.

Do I rage? Yeah it happens. But the most I've ever done is flashed someone with my high beams. I don't scream out my window or get physical.


Registered Member
Not very often, driving actually really chills me out, if i need to destress i sometimes go for a long drive. Friends find it odd that i am so calm when driving as i get irate when in crowdes and i suffer from 'trolley rage' in supermarkets! :-/
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