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Road Rage


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Are you an angry driver on the road? Do you witness pretty bad road rage from others or even when you are in a car with someone else?

Being on my Learners at the moment, I have no right to road rage because other drivers are more 'experienced' but I can't help it, some idiots on the road are really stupid that I feel like getting out of the car and smashing their head into the concrete.


yellow 4!
I don't get road rage because I think it only makes the situation worse. I know obviously it's hard for some to control anger 24/7. The only time I will make a comment in my head or whatever is when people don't indicate. That's the only thing that gets me... both as a road user and a pedestrian. It can be really dangerous and it's often not just a one time mistake but more like a habit that people can get into when they can't be bothered to do it. INDICATE!!!


Oh, your other questions. Yes, my mum in particular has pretty bad road rage. She will curse and throw her hands about and give evil stares. I always tell her off for doing it because hey, people make unintentional mistakes on the road (even YOU, mother), and yes it can be extremely dangerous but that's an even bigger reason not to get mad about it and remain calm and just deal with the situation.

I guess I can understand more if you're angry at, for example, some idiot who pulls out in front of you, knowing he's going to cause you to slow down. To be honest though, I personally still wouldn't really care. If nobody gets hurt, eh, there's worse things to happen in life.


Better Call Saul
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I wouldn't say that I have road rage myself but some of my biggest pet peeves in the world are because of stoopid drivers. I just cannot stand terrible drivers, it drives me nuts.

I blame my Dad though because of the time he yelled, "you're an idiot!" to a driver who passed him on the right. It was really funny.

I do recall one instance where this old lady went at a 4 way stop when it wasn't her turn and with both our windows down I yelled to her, "you're the worst driver on the fucking planet." You shoulda seen her FACE, she was scared but hey, she deserved it.

So yeah, these days I'm a little more calm but my blood does boils at incompetence.


Do What Thou Wilt
It seems that every time I am behind the wheel of a car I encounter some twat doing some kind of dumb shit. Going below the speed limit is a pet peeve but I don't get flustered. What really pisses me off is when people cut me off and go wicked slow or stick their noses out into the road. While I would never actually do this, I always think about hitting them and then getting some serious money for it (because they would be at fault after all). I will always swear or shout and feel aggravated for a few minutes. My sister used to have the WORST road rage. No, she never got out of the or hit someone, but she would be put in the foulest of moods and was virtually impossible to deal with. Not to mention her own driving would go to shit, not like it already isn't.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I'm a pretty relaxed driver even though there are a lot of things people do that annoy me. Getting mad doesn't change anything or help you get to where you're going any faster. Sometimes if a person doesn't signal or if I get cut off or something I'll put my hands up in the air, but I never really get angry or honk the horn.

I don't know anyone with really bad road rage, but I do see other drivers getting pissed off from time to time, sometimes at me, but usually at other people. When they're mad at me and honk or give me the finger I usually just shrug, or in the rare case of me doing something wrong I'll wave as if to apologize.


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I don't get mad on the road, er... I guess a better way to say that is I keep my composure.

Sometimes people are simply dumb enough to make me mad. Just the other day I was driving in a 60mph zone on my way home from work when this moron comes sailing in his BMW going at an absolute minimum of 90mph, I honked the horn and all I see is his giving me the finger out the window.

Other drivers do get mad at me sometimes when they think it's ridiculous that I haven't turned through a busy street or that I actually stop at the stop sign. :lol:


rainbow 11!
I used to be really bad. I'm talking I would be yelling, hitting the steering wheel, and cursing. But I've since then learned to control it. I think it's because I'm usually calm and bottle everything up that my road rage was my only outlet. Even now I don't really have an outlet, but I was always going through a really bad time with Emma and my mom during the really bad road rage years.


Where is my Queen?
I have road rage, I usually cuss up a storm while driving. Didn't really get road rage until I got hit by a drunk driver. Since then I have been pulled over twice for it and ticketed once for flicking off an old couple that ran a frickin' stop sign and the cop decided to pull me over instead. Such bull.


I ♥ Haters
If I said that I didn’t have fits of road rage once in a while, I’d be a liar. For the most part, I'll be calm, unless some doucher tails me. I hate that. I don’t cuss, but I’ll usually slam on the brakes and drive really slowly on purpose just to piss them off; if they try to cut me off, I’ll speed up so they can’t. I have absolutely no problem with wasting my time just to piss them off. Another one of my biggest pet peeves while driving are cyclists that refuse to ride their bike in the bicycle lane and instead choose to ride it on the fucking road in traffic So, I have to sit behind some goof whose “vehicle” only does about 20. To make it even worse, they swerve from side to side and scare the shit outta me and they rarely stop at the stop signs.


I got my driver's licence 5 years ago. I'm pretty angry at irresponsible drivers so I have a lot of rage. Most of the Albanian drivers are maybe the worse drivers on Earth. They drive at a fast speed even in the neighborhood ...that's why many accidents are happenig every single day.
I get mad very often while driving.
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