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Road rage?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Do any of you guys have road rage?

I have a bit of road rage, I hate when people cut me off, or there a little to slow, like going 10km/h below the speed limit. I hate when people don't put their signal on when they switch lanes or go a different direction. I've screamed to a few people, and gave them the finger a few times.

How about you guys?


New Member
I rage on the roads sometimes, but its only if I'm not in the mood, or people have been cutting me off or something like that all day. I don't do anything serious tho, just yell and honk the horn.


New Member
I must admit to partaking in road rage every now and then lol .. Hate the non indicating drivers and the cut off drivers, but my pet hate is when you wait to let someone through a gap and they dont even have the decency to acknowledge it. Ignorant people annoy me.


yellow 4!
I don't get road rage at all. I like driving so I'm never really frustrated on the road, if someone wants to go slow then I'm happy to sit behind them for a bit before overtaking, I won't honk or anything. In fact, I've never had to use the car horn.
Some drivers are stupid and annoying but I never get actively mad (whatever that means) with them.
The thing I hate most is when people don't signal. But I hate that as a pedestrian aswell lol.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
It's funny that I posted this last night. This morning I was driving my brother to work, and I was going down this street about 80km/h and there was this guy that wanted to go on the street I was driving on but the opposite direction, so he cuts me off, I had to press on the breaks right away, I almost nailed him right on the drivers side door, he would of been dead if I hit him in my opinion, or become paralyzed. It was a bad decision on his part, and it got me really angry. It was also raining so I slipped and slide when I press on the breaks.
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I don't know km/h, is 80 fast? We only deal with miles over here.

Also, I don't really get mad unless I get cut up or unacknowledged.


It's not me, it's you.
I used to get road rage all the time when I had to drive 15 miles to work in the city. It would take 30-45 minutes and I had a short fuse. I'm not sure if I'm just mellowing out more, or the closer commute cleared it up for me.
Now about the only thing that really gets to me is when 2 people are driving side by side down the interstate blocking people from passing them.

Wes: 80 km = about 50 mph.
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Problematic Shitlord
I'm from Massachusetts. It's basically part of our driver's ed classes.


Registered Member
I'm from Massachusetts. It's basically part of our driver's ed classes.

Constantine, your dry wit really cracks me up.

I don't usually get too upset when I'm driving unless I'm late for an appointment or something.

I was on the interstate once and I guess I was going a little to slow for this guy or something, because he passed me and then tried to ram his car into the side of mine. He ran me off the road. Thank God I maintained control of the car. I usually go five miles over the speed limit so I really don't know what made him so mad, but he definitely could have killed me.


Hell, It's about time!
I might mumble to myself if someone cuts me off or does something stupid. I'm not going to start a fight over it tho.
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