Rivers Had Surgery Before AFC Title Game


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RealGM Staff Report - Chargers' quarterback Philip Rivers needed surgery just to get through the AFC Title game against the Patriots on Sunday, and will need more extensive surgery to repair a torn ligament in the same knee soon.

The rehabilitation process could take up to six months.

Rivers admitted for the first time on Monday night that he had arthroscopic surgery to clean out the joint in the week leading up to San Diego's battle with New England this past weekend.
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I find this just amazing, this guy had a torn ligament in his knee and he still played the game, and he played pretty well. This shows that this game loves the game, and it will take a lot for him to miss a game, espcially a huge game like the AFC championship.
Wow, what a warrior. I just gained a lot of respect for the kid.

But then I lose some due to the stupidity of having surgery in the same week as a football game and still playing in it.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
He's got gusto, that's for sure. Hopefully it heals up in time for next season.