Rise up GF - A song


Creeping On You
Bang BOom!

The sounds of war
are echoing
On the air
Drifting on towards this population

the sounds of sad
from the souls of those
on this electronic network of cool

the sounds of win
rising against
the resounding fail
that echoes in the distance from that war

Rise up citizens of this site
this site of win, this site of cool
fight the fight, let's end this plight
and gather in chat to share the sight
Take up your pitchforks, and your guns
Lets storm the hills of a rusty war
They'll try to make us, lame as ever
but soon we'll crush those n00bs right into the dust.

Take a Knapp and hit them hard
Punch them in the throat and cut them hard
Show them bliss and happiness
Hit them hard, they'll feel the Impact

Stuff them with Pretzels and Bagels
Let them Bob in the oceans of death
Smel the dick of Nick and Smick
Is A Bell ringing the sounds of defeat?!


Take up your Magnums, you're Pro guns right
Tuck 'er into your holster, saddle up your horses
Hear the Echoes of your shots, echoing around
This Swift Strike will take them by total surprise

Lets cast a hex, with the spell of Bex
Cut off their dicks with the knife of Nix
Lets end this war the only way we know how
Hit them with the sticks, given us by Brix!


Shwwaaaaaaaaaa! Will be our war cry
Let it ring for as we charge down the hill
Lets Storm their gates, are they Expecting the Ironic?
Throw your Bananas, you silly crazy monkeys!

Rub the lamp, and let loose the Jeanie
Make your wish, and vanquish your foes.
Say Hiei to their deaths, their deaths, their deaths,
Wong tong tong and cow cow pocks they get.


The rats will Nibble their corpses in the night
OH SNAP! Some of them still live come morn!
The Sultan of Swat will smack them down
Let our Frozen Goat calvaries ride forth to kill

Either A Barb or Rah will help us in our battle
At the End of the Winter, Romance will not flourish
Let loose our Dragons, to poke out their Iris's
This Mal content creates Ificus, and the Pugz!!!


Chaos ensues, disturbing Mickey Eye Ellllll
FutureTrackStar likes to hump the bible
Infinity is now the absence of the finite
If you don't like it, you'll be in his good books

Constantine is the name of a movie
with an actor who has only one face
This war reminds me of that one faithful day
When Thexelcowpootoxthedox a knocks, was a fag

If you weren't mentioned in this song, Post in this thread and I might just add a couple more stanzas to this song.

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Creeping On You
Wow, the recording of this song explains why my throat is sore this morning.


Living on the 0th floor
Lol I loved it before you put up the link to you singing it, but the actual song makes it 100 times better. Brilliant sir.