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Rise of Freedom: Honoring the Heroes of Flight 93


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On September 10, the official Flight 93 memorial will open.

Newlin says the second most common question visitors ask is: "How close can I get to the crash site?" Only the families of those killed are allowed near the boulder and on the actual hallowed ground. However, the public will be able to get much closer to it, once the Flight 93 National Memorial opens on Sept. 10.

Visitors will be able to walk on a coal-colored plaza that zigzags along the edge of the area where human remains were found.

"You're going to be that close to where the remains, still remain," said Newlin.

Visitors will also see exactly where the plane traveled overhead, at more than 500 mph.

A white marble wall, bearing the names of the 40 victims, stands directly under the flight path.

The National Park Service also wants to build a visitors center that has 50-foot walls, to show how low the plane was flying, upside down, during its final descent. But there's not enough money to start construction on that yet.
Rise Of Freedom: Honoring The Heroes Of Flight 93 | FoxNews.com


Creeping On You
It seems a bit macabre to have a tourist attraction surrounding such a site. I understand putting a memorial, but to have a path following the trail of remains...? Seems a bit much. Moreover, I suppose its more the fact there are people that anxious to see it. I really hope that the memorial is being built to honour the victims and the heroes, and not just as another tourist attraction for the state to earn tourism dollars.