Rant Rip the phone from the wall!!!!


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Oh my l ron hubbard....
All day the phone just ring and rings of people trying to sell me stuff...
I just got a call from someone claiming my computer was in a virus.
They said they could sign me up for a free scan at a website but when i looked at it the scan was free but the fixing was not.. I don't have any virus. I ran my anti-virus and nothing came up.. it was just a cold call. i could not even understand her english. Makes me so mad people calling me in the famely hours trying to sell me stuff. I added myself to do not call list but they still call.. I just don't get it. and i dont like it. let me eat my japanese food i ordered and leave me alone. I could not cook dinner tonight because i forgot the butter and i went out to get something to cook before that and someone broke the lift so now the stuff i got at the store is in the fridge and tomorrow i will buy butter... Burr its cold outside... i will tell you that for real...


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Someone unban this guy asap. I get the feeling he would be really fun to troll.