RIP Proof


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Yesterday night, Proof of Eminem's D12 group had died, he was 32 years old and was shot in the head at a shootout at 8 Mile Road the original location of the 8 Mile movie

RIP Proof...

Anonym0uz Bitch

Yeah I just saw the news when I got home, that pisses me off, D12 is one of my favorite groups, I cant believe that shit.
I was hearin about that on another forum. Didnt know if it was true or not but i suppose it is. That sucks, he had some tight mixtapes =\ What caused the shootout?


Yeah,  I read the news about it. They haven't really said anything on what caused the shooting. As far as I'm concerned it's just another act of senseless violence. Tis' a sad day in the Aftermath camp indeed. You can only imagine what's going through Em's and the rest of D12's heads right now. When I think about Eminem's song Toy Soldiers it seems real ironic. In the video, Proof is the one who potrays a victim of a shooting. It's a really sad day indeed and that song has more meaning now more than ever.

Anonym0uz Bitch

Yeah I know, that is a rather weird thing that Proof was the one who got shot in the music video, and now he got killed in real life. I believe he was shot in the head, but the news wasnt really specific about it.


i still cant believe it. i keep thinking its a publicity stunt or something. i would hate being in Eminem's position right now -_- there might even probably write a song just for him.


Sultan of Swat
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Yeah I read that in the newspaper today, and when I did I was pretty shocked, it's a shame because he was a good rapper for D12.